20 days nearly 30 stocks double is there really dry goods or all depends on wave?

 20 days nearly 30 stocks double is there really dry goods or all depends on wave?

On the whole, the easy to fry constitution with sufficient concept and small market value has created the group image of the above-mentioned bull stocks continuous trading without asthma. Depending on the fast rising stock price of the hot spot, the risk behind it is also constantly increasing.

There is almost a hot rope behind these envious and hateful bull stocks. Is it a heat wave or a dry goods that has led to such a surge? Investors are also required to carefully screen and guard against risks.

One of the camps: rise with Tesla

Regulatory: are you a Tesla concept?

Market: dry!

With Tesla, it will rise, which is a unique landscape of A-share market in the beginning of 2020. Although I dont supply directly, the product is still in research and development, and the proportion of business is not large, but I am an envious Tesla concept stock.

Xiu Qiang shares

The first bull stock of the year of the rat, with 12 boards in 16 days, rose nearly 200%.

Recent stock price trend of xiuqiang

Twitter screenshot of Tesla CEO musk

As early as before the Spring Festival holiday, xiuqiang shares revealed their close relationship with Tesla on the interactive platform. The company said it had confirmed the product parameters through conference call and Tesla, and made a quotation to Tesla for photovoltaic roof glass products.

Reply to xiuqiang interactive platform

What relationship? What is the impact? Is there any hype? Under the supervision of three consecutive questions, the company admitted in the reply to the inquiry letter that: Tesla is not the direct customer of the companys charging pile glass products; the company has not yet completed the engineering certification of Tesla solar roof glass, and it is uncertain whether it can receive the Tesla solar roof order.

Reply to the inquiry letter of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the evening of February 18

Xiu Qiang is in the front and the pursuer is in the back. The relay race of photovoltaic roof concept is taken over by Beibo.

Beijing Glass Co., Ltd. said in an interactive reply to investors on February 12 that at present, the companys wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing glass coating, has the ability to manufacture PVD coating equipment in line with hit process, and the project is still in the development stage.

On February 14, the reply of xiuqiang Co., Ltd. is one of the companys old customers and has purchased the companys steel equipment pushed the companys share price to a new high.

Recent stock price trend of Beijing Glass Co., Ltd

The companys daily trading quickly attracted regulatory attention. The letter of concern requires the company to explain the basis, project progress, follow-up research and development, and whether it has the ability to put into production of PVD coating equipment conforming to hit process, and fully prompt the risk.

From the technical ability on the interactive platform to the non-commercial operation ability in the reply to the letter of concern, the clarification of Beibo failed to prevent the rise of the stock price. As of February 25, the companys share price rose again to close at 6.33 yuan.

Screenshot of reply to the letter of concern of Beijing Glass Co., Ltd

Jinlang technology, which has attracted the attention of the organization, has also ushered in a surge in the near future. From February 19 to 20 alone, the company attracted more than 200 institutions such as Chongyang investment, shangya investment, Qianhe capital and Hongdao investment to participate in online research.

What is the charm of jinlang technology after breaking the threshold? It is reported that the company is mainly engaged in the R & D, production, sales and service of core equipment group series inverters of distributed photovoltaic power generation system.

Screenshot of investor minutes of Jinlang Technology

In the survey, the companys relationship with Tesla was repeatedly asked. Jinlang technology did not directly answer this question, but said that sunrun, the No. 1 household photovoltaic installer in the United States, is the largest customer in the world of the company, and the company has been actively docking with the top household installers in the United States, striving for early mass access.

The companys words were obscure, but the market understood, or didnt hear at all, and continued to work hard and quickly..

Camp 2: new rules on refinancing of chasing the wave, not pushing ahead

Regulatory department: the stock price of the company is soaring. Is there any planning?

Company: No.

Regulatory authority: is there?

Company: have such an idea!

The new refinancing regulations launched on February 14 ignited the enthusiasm of A-share companies for refinancing matters. The reform plan, or even just the research intention, can add a fire to the stock price.

Dry photoelectricity

The stock price of Qianzhao optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has continued to rise since February 5, with the highest increase in the range of nearly 135%, far exceeding the performance of the gem composite index in the same period.

Not only does the stock price change continuously, but also does Xerox plan to refinance in the end.

According to the companys announcement on February 17, the company does not have the situation of planning major events, and there is no information that should be disclosed but not disclosed and has a greater impact on the companys stock price.

However, only two days later, Xerox changed its nickname and decided to plan the issue of non-public offering of shares in consideration of the provisions of the new refinancing regulations, the companys current development situation and future capital demand.

Notice of stock price change on the evening of February 20

In this way, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to directly point out whether the company has selective information disclosure and uses the planned refinancing matters to hype the stock price. At the same time, the company is required to specify the specific time point and detailed progress of the planned refinancing matters, and explain whether it meets the conditions for non-public issuance of shares, and the necessity and rationality of carrying out refinancing.

It is worth noting that the letter of concern also specifically mentioned that the 2019 annual performance express of Xerox shows that it is expected to make a loss of RMB 262-267 million in that year. In this regard, the regulatory asked the specific reasons for the companys performance decline in 2019, and asked to explain the operation since 2020 and whether the companys fundamentals have changed significantly.

From the perspective of hot spot concept, Xerox also adheres to chip, gallium nitride, satellite navigation and other hot concepts, with unlimited scenery.

Ortega, which is engaged in automobile air-conditioning system and air-conditioning compressor, has gained 13 trading limits since February 3, with a total increase of more than 210%.

Recent stock price trend of Ortega

In addition to the close contact with Tesla concept, the company also disclosed in the stock price change announcement recently that it is studying new refinancing regulations!

According to the announcement, in order to further develop new projects such as new energy vehicle thermal management business, after the issuance of the new refinancing regulations, the company has preliminarily discussed the intention of the proposed refinancing with the independent financial advisory body and studied the applicability of the policy, but at the same time, it has frankly said that there is no substantive progress at present.

In addition, Ortega also said that the previously disclosed wholly-owned subsidiarys factory in California, the United States, supplies to an electric vehicle manufacturer in North America, which is expected to have a positive impact on the companys overall performance. The specific amount of its impact will depend on the quantity of supply, with uncertainty.

Camp three: mask and Internet plus

Under the novel coronavirus pneumonia, many industries are affected to varying degrees in the short run. But there are also some anti epidemic stocks, with the protection concept or cloud logic, out of a wave of independent market.

Free communication

With the rapid rise of home office and online education in the epidemic, cloud video conference service provider will be able to communicate smoothly, and an unexpected wind is coming.

Since the second day of the first month, the number of registered users and online hours (minutes) of the companys cloud platform have doubled every day, the company said in the investor survey minutes on February 7. In general, the number of users of SaaS business has doubled compared with the cumulative number of users in the past. On the other hand, the companys cloud video hardware business orders also increased rapidly during the outbreak. In the medium term, this will promote the upgrading of the landscape of the upstream and downstream software and hardware industry chain, the company judged.

Meanwhile, according to the performance forecast disclosed by Huichang communication on January 23, the companys net profit attributable to the parent in 2019 is expected to rise 457.94% - 487.7% year on year. Beautiful performance has become the support for the stock price to continue to soar. On February 25, the companys share price rose again, reaching a new high of 75.04 yuan.

Tianhua super clean

Tianhua Chaojing disclosed on February 3 that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yushou medical, is working overtime to produce disposable medical masks as required by the government, so as to meet the needs of epidemic prevention and control and make contributions to epidemic prevention and control. However, at present, the impact of the companys supply of disposable medical masks on the companys business performance cannot be predicted.

Announcement on stock price change of Tianhua Chaojing on the evening of February 13

Affected by this, the companys share price went all the way up. As of February 25, Tianhua super net mouses share price has increased by more than 100% in the past year.

Recent stock price trend of Tianhua super net

Dawn stock

As the main manufacturer of PP melt blown special material for mask cloth in China, the companys stock price is also rising in the near future. Since February 3, the cumulative increase has reached 136%.

Recent stock price trend of dawn

But at the same time, the company also pointed out the corresponding risks: in 2018, the companys sales revenue of polypropylene melt blown materials was 183 million yuan, accounting for 13.41% of the companys consolidated operating revenue, accounting for a small proportion.

Analysis: where is the bull stock?

After seeing so many portraits of bull stocks, do you have a preliminary judgment on what the year of the rat bull stocks look like?

According to tuso Niu, the above stocks that have doubled the market share price are mainly concentrated in the concept plates such as Tesla concept, semiconductor materials, led, pneumonia concept and satellite Internet. As of February 3, nearly half of the companies had a market value of less than 5 billion yuan, while many companies such as xiuqiang had a market value of only more than 2 billion yuan at that time. Senior market analysts said that hot spots and small market value are the common characteristics of these stocks. This is the type of investment target preferred by hot money, and it is not ruled out that some companies take the initiative to gather hot spots and paste concepts. But the price of Feitian, which rises sharply and falls rapidly, will always fall back to the ground when it breaks away from the fundamental support. It is worth noting that in recent two days, many bull stocks have shown signs of correction. Tell investors not to fall down in order to catch the bulls tail

According to tuso Niu, the above stocks that have doubled the market share price are mainly concentrated in the concept plates such as Tesla concept, semiconductor materials, led, pneumonia concept and satellite Internet. As of February 3, nearly half of the companies had a market value of less than 5 billion yuan, while many companies such as xiuqiang had a market value of only more than 2 billion yuan at that time.

It is worth noting that in recent two days, many bull stocks have shown signs of correction. Tell investors not to fall to the ground in order to catch the bulls tail!