In early spring, its better to drink Eucommia flower raw chicken feet soup

 In early spring, its better to drink Eucommia flower raw chicken feet soup

After the rain season, the water in the air increases, which not only reduces the temperature, but also makes it wet in the cold. This cold and humid climate has adverse effects on the internal organs and joints of the human body. In addition to the recent flu, traditional Chinese medicine health often said that the positive Qi is stored in the evil can not be dried..

The Eucommia in this soup can enhance the immunity of human body, protect the health care and health preservation of human viscera and joints. Shennong Materia Medica said that Eucommia mainly treats lumbago and knee pain, tonifying the middle, benefiting the essence, strengthening the muscles and bones Long service, light body and long life. Eucommia into the soup can tonify the essence, strengthen the muscles and bones, with Morinda, can enhance the effect of dispelling cold and dampness, tonifying the kidney yang, and enhance the therapeutic effect of this soup.

In addition, the soup is supplemented with peanuts which can strengthen the spleen and replenish qi and chicken feet which are rich in protein and bone collagen, which are very beneficial to the maintenance of human bone tissue and the promotion of teenagers.

Although the soup has a slight smell of Chinese medicine, it still tastes sweet and fragrant. It can nourish the Yang, refresh the mind, strengthen the muscles, strengthen the bones and strengthen the body. It is very suitable for the elderly peoples health care of rain solar terms or the people who have been sitting at home for a long time.

Stewed chicken feet soup with eucommia and peanuts

[materials] 15g of Eucommia salt, 15g of Morinda officinalis, 4 chicken feet, 250g of pig spine, 100g of peanuts, 20g of wolfberry, and 3 pieces of ginger. (3-4 persons)

[production] all materials shall be cleaned separately; peanuts shall be soaked slightly; chicken feet shall be cracked with knife back, pig spine shall be cut, and then both of them shall be prepared with flying water; all materials shall be put into clay pot together, and water shall be added about 2500ml (about 10 bowls of water), after being boiled by fire, it shall be simmered for about 2 hours, and then a proper amount of salt shall be added for seasoning before drinking.

[efficacy] nourishing yang, removing dampness, benefiting kidney and strengthening body.

According to Yongquan cave, the whole body is very relaxed

Yongquan point is located in the depression of the front part of the foot when the foot is rolled up, which is known as the first point of the kidney meridian. Pressing and kneading Yongquan point can stimulate the blood and Qi of kidney channel of human body, tonify the kidney yang, make people energetic and healthy, also can ignite the fire to return to the original and improve the sleep quality.

If you stay at home for a long time, you may as well set your feet when watching TV and movies, and press Yongquan acupoint for 3 minutes at a time. Your whole body is very relaxed.

Source: responsible editor of Geng Yiwen, nj6040