For the suffering of others, time is a disease

 For the suffering of others, time is a disease

A healthy society needs critics forever. Always need a watchful Whistler.

The ancients said that he was born in trouble and died in happiness.

If a child lives in praise all the time, it is impossible for him to improve in his studies. If what a staff member hears is always praise, his work skills will not be improved.

Its the same for the country.

Let people become blind and optimistic, time is still good. At last, I fell into the pit to repent.

Maybe this disaster happened to others, and we survived.

But next time? Who can guarantee that he will always be lucky.

With the blessing of God and Buddha, do you see yourself walking around in disaster?

For suffering, we should reflect on it, be alert, and not join the team of praising.

People in disaster are bleeding, shameless and inappropriate. To promote the so-called positive energy is to sprinkle salt on their wounds.

For the suffering of others, time is a disease.

He who is always quiet and blind to the suffering of others is a cold man.

Its even more shameless to blow the funeral into a happy event, whitewash the peace and forge positive energy news. Lost the moral integrity of media people.

Time is a disease, will let us become indifferent and stupid.

The novel coronavirus is not harmful to the disease. Rational people should be vigilant and away from it.

Wash and sleep. Good night.