168 yuan each, the new coronavirus detection kit under examination and approval is sold by wechat

 168 yuan each, the new coronavirus detection kit under examination and approval is sold by wechat

Photo source: screenshot of wechat and Weibo sales page

It is worth noting that the above-mentioned kit is a product developed by Lizhu reagent and Wuhan Virus Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, which is still under examination and approval and has not been approved for marketing. Through the field investigation, the reporter found that part of the wechat business source of goods came from a medical service organization named source of life in Shenzhen.

Wechat sells new coronavirus detection kits

Novel coronavirus reagents, 15 minutes, the national price of 168 yuan, to resume work soon, a home can be detected in the reagents, simple, convenient, safe and accurate. This is an advertisement that reporter saw on social network recently.

In February 14th, the reporter contacted the reagent box publisher Wang Qing (alias), he sent the kit picture, video, test package, testing service agencys qualification certificate to a reporter, and a official account of Li Zhu reagent: heavy! Lizhu reagent and Wuhan virus Institute of Chinese Academy of sciences have successfully developed a rapid colloidal gold antibody detection reagent, with results within 15 minutes.

Photo source: photos of daily delivery sent by wechat business

Wang Qing sells the novel coronavirus IgG/IgM test kit (colloidal gold method) developed by Li Zhu reagent and the Wuhan virus of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its very simple to take blood. You can operate it at home, and the result will come out in 15 minutes. Wang Qing told reporters. He also said that 168 yuan is the price of one reagent per person, including one IgG and one IgM, and at least 20 copies should be bought, that is, one box of IgG and one box of IgM respectively. IgM is the pre-test, and IgG is the in-depth test. Only through these two tests can we get an accurate result.

Where are unlisted kits coming from? Wang Qing said that its docking is the source of life, a medical service organization, the pharmaceutical company does not directly sell this product, just to the following agents, the source of life is the only agent. He said that a small batch of orders can be delivered from Shenzhen the day after the order is placed, and a screenshot of the already sent express delivery has been sent to reporters. If more than 50 copies are purchased, the source of life can also provide on-site inspection services.

The kits Wang Qing sells can not only be purchased by individuals, but also be agents. According to the sharing scheme provided by him, it does not need any conditions for an individual to become an agent, only according to the number of kits sold.

Is it true that as Wang Qing said, the source of life is the only agent of Lizhu reagent box, which can deliver goods quickly? The reporter came to the location of the company to find out.

The office of source of life is located in an office building near gaoxinyuan, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The office area on one side of the floor where the company is located is the source of life hemodialysis center, and the Logo of the source of life company is written on the other side.

Photo source: taken by every journalist

After knocking outside the office and communicating with the companys staff, the reporter was able to enter the companys gate and enter a room similar to the conference hall after passing through a very dark corridor. In the room, on the side of the window, there are various awards of the source of life. On the side of the wall, there are a large number of kits. Many staff are counting and sorting out, and there are many unopened Lizhu diagnostic reagents.

See the reporter worried about the authenticity of the kit, a staff member showed the production batch number on the kit and the website of Lizhu reagent official website to the reporter, you see this is from Lizhu group. There is this production batch number, including this service hotline and the official website. According to the production batch number, it should be available. She also told reporters that at present, Lizhus kits are only for hospitals and medical institutions.

Photo source: taken by every journalist

The staff also said that 20 kits were on sale, and IgG and IgM were checked together. As for how to use it, she said, if you contact your account manager, he will send you the video of the operation to be tested, just follow the video operation.

The reporter further asked whether the kit was sent from Lizhu every day, and the source of life was shipped out again, and got the positive answer from the staff.

I still have concerns about the authenticity of the kit, she said: we are not liars, because we do health management, so the supply is relatively safer than other places, because we are directly connected to the medical institutions, so it is very secure.

The origin of life in Shenzhen

According to the official website of the source of life, the companys full name is Shenzhen source of Life Health Management Co., Ltd., which is the first national approved blood purification center, international medical center and anti-aging center in Shenzhen. It has a team of top medical experts at home and abroad, led by Professor Zhou Hanxin, the winner of the State Councils special allowance. It also works with hospitals affiliated to Heidelberg University and Kiel, Germany Many top international medical and life science research institutions, including University Affiliated Hospital, BGI, Hengrui Yuanzheng, Wuxi apptec, have established long-term cooperative relations. The companys address is located on the second floor of North block of Yuanxing science and technology building, songpingshan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, which is the delivery place of Lizhu reagent box visited by the reporter.

Photo source: taken by every journalist

An article on the official website of the source of life, entitled Mingming can be a princess, but she prefers to be the queen of Kangshang, wrote about Li Linglings original intention of creating the source of life, she went to the hospital for examination, and was told that there was a precancerous lesion, so the doctor suggested that she should have an operation Because she once studied for MBA in Paris Business School and was an experienced investor. She has traveled around the world and learned about many project companies, which makes Lingling know more about the development of life science and medicine than ordinary people. In the end, she went to France to receive cell therapy, took the immune activator for half a year, and then rechecked half a year later. The focus has completely disappeared. Since then, Ling Lings attention has been completely attracted by these new frontier medical means. In 2015, Ling Ling had a deep understanding of all the chains of the industry, formed a very systematic understanding of health management, and also grasped a lot of information about mainstream products and instruments in the market. So there is the source of life, the birth of health management company.

Photo source: screenshot of the official website of the source of life

According to Wang Qing novel coronavirus novel coronavirus IgM antibody detection reagent (colloidal gold method) and the new coronavirus IgG antibody test reagent (colloidal gold method) are the sole sources of life. However, on the official website of the source of life, the reporter did not find any information related to Lizhu group or Lizhu reagent.

Lizhu response: will follow up

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus novel coronavirus novel coronavirus IgM antibody was developed for the detection of new coronavirus IgM antibodies in human serum, plasma or whole blood based on colloidal gold immunochromatographic principle in February 4th. The new coronavirus IgM antibody detection kit is suitable for the auxiliary diagnosis of new coronavirus early infection. Novel coronavirus immunochromatography principle is applied novel coronavirus IgG antibody in human serum, plasma or whole blood in vitro, which is suitable for the auxiliary diagnosis and epidemiological investigation of the early infection of new coronavirus infection. Colloidal gold reagent analyzer is used together with the kit, and the equipment has been approved for marketing on March 12, 2018.

The announcement also shows that the product has completed R & D and trial production. In cooperation with multiple centers for Disease Control and medical institutions, the number of clinical samples has been expanded to further evaluate the product to verify its diagnostic sensitivity and specificity.

On February 14, Yang Liang, Secretary of the board of directors of Lizhu group, told the daily economic news that for blood collection and supporting testing equipment, IgM and IgG antibody test kits are not sold to individuals. They will be sold to medical institutions and relevant third-party testing institutions after they are listed. They can be mass produced currently, only after approval.

On February 17, Yang Liang said, its the early publicity made by the agents themselves. We have been following up their correction and rectification in the past two days. We are also in the process of approval. For reporters on February 17 in the source of life company to understand the situation, Yang Liang said will follow up.

Novel coronavirus reagent official account No. third issued a solemn statement in February 12th. It has been developed by our company and belongs to the supervision range of the products of the category. Those without the qualification of medical device business license shall not engage in medical device business activities. Lizhu reagent has never authorized any individual or company to sell any products of our company on the network platform. Lizhu reagent shall not be responsible for the legal risks arising from the illegal sales of unauthorized individuals and companies. The statement also released a phone number for reporting.

Source: official account of WeChat

The novel coronavirus group announced that the IgM and IgG antibody detection kit (colloidal gold method) products will be released to the market after reaching the 2 million person / month capacity, with a view to providing timely detection of new coronavirus infection control and epidemiological investigation.

To this day, Yang Liang, Secretary of the board of directors of Lizhu group, sent the latest response:

As for yesterdays question, it has been verified that Lizhu reagent has asked the other party to stop propaganda and return relevant goods. The above goods were originally used by the enterprise for self inspection after resumption of work, only for the special needs of the enterprise for resumption of work and epidemic prevention during the special period of the epidemic, and they are not sold as agents.

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