Liu Zhiming, President of Wuchang hospital

 Liu Zhiming, President of Wuchang hospital

The funeral vehicle to pick up Liu Zhimings body arrived. Surging journalist Tang QITU

Before the vehicles of the funeral parlor arrived, many people kept silent. Some people took off their masks and wiped their tears.

On the forenoon of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei Province in February 18th morning, the Health Committee of the Wuhan Provincial Health Committee and the Health Committee of the city of Wuhan announced that the vice secretary and President of the Wuchang Hospital of Wuhan had been infected with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia and died after the failure of the treatment. She died on the same day at the age of 51.

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, 7 medical staff were killed.

Before Liu Zhimings death, the people he most missed were those who had contact with him.

A colleague who saw Liu Zhiming off at the scene told surging news that President Liu had asked everyone to do a good job of protection first, and he was worried about people he had contact with. If someone else has something to do, he will feel guilty.

Send your comrades

At about 12:00 on the 18th, the outpatient building and inpatient department of Tongji China France new hospital were very quiet, with few people walking around.

However, just the novel coronavirus pneumonia, which was reported in the previous night, was reported by Liu Zhiming, director of the Wuchang Hospital of Wuhan, who was ill after the new crown pneumonia.

On the morning of February 18, Liu Zhiming was officially announced to have died.

Liu Zhiming novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the main force of the new Wuchang crown hospital. The official said that since the outbreak of the disease, Liu Zhiming has been leading the whole hospital in the forefront of the epidemic prevention, regardless of personal safety.

Reincarnation, teachers and friends. Goodbye in the next life. A doctor in charge of Wuchang hospital wrote in the circle of friends after learning the news of the death of the president. On the 18th, he accompanied his family and colleagues from Wuchang hospital to see Liu Zhiming off outside the inpatient building of Tongji China France new hospital.

Screenshot of friends circle mourning by colleagues

Before the vehicles of the funeral parlor arrived, many people kept silent. Some people took off their masks and wiped their tears. At about 15 oclock, Liu Zhimings body was taken to the car of the funeral home. His family supported each other, and his wife, Ms. Cai, was wearing isolation clothes. The car moved slowly, and she cried and followed it until she drove out of the hospital.

He asked us to do a good job of protection first. He was very worried about the people he had contact with. Lets keep asking each other. A staff member of Wuchang hospital, who has been waiting for him, told surging news that Liu Zhiming always wanted to ask everyone he had contact with and whether they had anything to do. He said he would feel guilty if someone else had something to do.

How can I go? I cant see him for the last time. He is our comrade in arms, I can only use send comrade in arms The staff member choked.

The family members helped each other and waited for Liu Zhimings body to be sent out of the hospital.

Keep the front line of anti epidemic together with his wife

Liu Zhimings wife, Ms. Cai, is also a medical staff in the front line of anti epidemic. She is the head nurse of the serious disease area of Guanggu hospital, the third hospital in Wuhan. Since novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, she has worked in the critical care area almost 7 hours every day.

According to Changjiang Daily, on January 21, Ms. Cai received a call from Liu Zhiming, and learned that Wuchang hospital, as a designated fever hospital in Wuhan, would transfer patients within two days, carry out hospital district transformation and receive fever patients. She was worried because Liu Zhiming had a cold and had a low fever for a week. She was worried that his body could not support him.

At 4:00 on January 22, she received a call from Liu Zhiming again, asking her to help clean up some laundry and send it, because he could not go home after becoming a designated hospital. But the next afternoon, when she received the phone call again, Liu Zhiming was told that she had been admitted to the critical area because of viral pneumonia.

Liu Zhimings rescue in Tongji Hospital

According to the report, Liu Zhimings health has become worse and worse since then. One degree oxygen saturation is as low as 80. Ms. Cai, who wanted to take care of Liu Zhiming for many times, was rejected.

On February 3, Liu Zhiming used a ventilator because of his critical illness. Ms. Cai once again proposed to take care of him in wechat video. At the other end of the screen, Liu Zhiming, unable to speak, shook his head.

A man who works hard

Tang Jie, a chief physician of the Department of neurosurgery in a third grade hospital in Beijing, has seen Liu Zhiming in many meetings. At that time, Liu Zhi Ming was the director of the Department of Neurosurgery at the Third Hospital of Wuhan, and later transferred to the Wuchang hospital.

Shi Yan (pseudonym), a former colleague of Liu Zhiming, said that she learned the news this morning when she saw a lot of former colleagues send a circle of friends to mourn president Liu. According to Shi Yans recollection of the surging news, Liu Yuanzhang came to Wuchang hospital in 2015 to work as vice president at that time. He founded the neurosurgery of the hospital. After the former president retired, Liu Zhiming took the post of president.

Many of my colleagues said that President Liu was a man who worked hard. According to Shi Yan, President Liu is very tall and elegant. He works hard and treats people gently.

On the afternoon of the 18th, Liu Zhiming was sent off not only by his family members and colleagues, but also by the heads of government departments at all levels. Yu Xuejun, deputy director of the National Health Commission, Yang Yunyan, deputy governor of Hubei Province and Zhou Xianwang, mayor of Wuhan, all visited Liu Zhimings family in Tongji New China France hospital. They praised Liu Zhiming as an example, a pioneer and a hero.

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