Slapping in the face, wandering the streets and binding anti handcuffs: plague makes them take chicken feather as an arrow

 Slapping in the face, wandering the streets and binding anti handcuffs: plague makes them take chicken feather as an arrow

This is closely related to the previous national epidemic prevention and control measures.

However, at some grassroots levels, basic epidemic prevention and control measures have changed from hard core to hard core. From the slapping of a family playing mahjong at home to the fact that tenants are not allowed to enter the residential property, there have even been violations of laws and human rights in the name of epidemic prevention and control.


Playing mahjong at home is slapped in the face, playing cards is admonished

During the epidemic, everyone stayed at home. If you dont move, I wont move. Mr. Zhong said that you can only move if you can.

My family, playing mahjong at home for fun, and spending the boring time that cant go out, is no longer normal.

However, Xiaogan family of three in Hubei Province was slapped in the face by anti epidemic personnel because they played mahjong at home.

Recently, a small video caught fire. The video is about a family of three in Xiaogan, Hubei Province, who were reported to play mahjong. A man wearing camouflage clothes and red armbands rushed to the family and smashed the mahjong without saying anything. One young man of the three who played mahjong used mahjong to smash the mahjong.

This smash, rushed out more volunteers wearing red armbands, several people forcibly pulled the man, to control it. It can be seen in the video that volunteers slapped the man in pajamas directly on his face, slapped him in the face for several times, and even the mahjong table was dragged to the door and smashed.

At the end of the video, the beaten man asked, cant a family have dinner together?

it happens that there is a similar case. A family of four in Fushui Town, Anlu City, Hubei Province, was arrested and publicly admonished for playing poker at home.

From the video released by blogger @ Beijing people, we can see that four people with masks read together in front of the sign with the background of Anlu City swimming Zhenyun: we are a family of four people, playing poker at home this afternoon, in violation of the order not to gather and play cards in a very special period, we are wrong.

Some netizens also revealed that a number of men and women gathered to play cards were tied up to form a string of traveling to the public, swaggering across the market, and reading related systems along the street

Mahjong players are required to travel with their desks on their backs

Street admonition

An epidemic prevention officer in a community in Xian killed the pet dog that the owner took downstairs on the grounds that he could not walk the dog during the epidemic prevention period

Isolation at home was once an important part of the epidemic prevention and control, but with the deepening of the understanding of epidemic prevention, this measure has been adjusted in time. At the latest, since February 13, the relevant official media no longer use the term home isolation. In the above cases, the grassroots epidemic prevention personnel simply and roughly intrude into the houses and prohibit all recreational activities, even beating citizens, which has obviously exceeded the legal limit.

The criminal law clearly stipulates that Whoever illegally searches another persons body or residence, or illegally invades another persons residence, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention. You cant break into his house without the documents issued by law enforcement agencies. Collective beating of the masses is even more suspected of crimes.


Beaten without masks, tied walls, handcuffed

The same is true of the details of wearing a mask.

On February 12, more than two million fans of microblog big V @ Qingyou sent a microblog with a video.

In the video, an old man was insulted because he didnt wear a mask. The person who made the video even beat him. The batter bit his teeth and said, I told you not to wear a mask. the old man held up his hands and made a gesture of surrender when he was beaten. He was afraid of nothing and said, wear a mask.

A short video of more than ten seconds has aroused hot discussion among netizens.

It can be seen from the video that the old man is not in a gathering place, but in an open field. According to the source, the incident occurred in zengwan District, Yanglingou Town, Hanchuan City, Hubei Province. The old man planted a little bit, and after a while of busy in the field, he met these people.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia guidelines for people with new crown pneumonia, published in the peoples daily, mentioned that no respirators should be worn in open and ventilated places in non epidemic areas.

Then Yan danjun was discovered by the communitys epidemic prevention personnel and immediately discouraged. Academician Zhong Nanshan once said that there is no need to wear masks at home and in places where people are not crowded, he told the staff

Although the justification is academician Zhongs authoritative statement, the staff did not listen at all.

The next day, Yan danjun was sent to the forced isolation point for forced isolation. On February 13, Fengcheng Municipal Bureau of education and sports issued a circular and decided to give it administrative demerit recording punishment.

In addition, some villagers were tied to the wall because they didnt wear masks.

On February 13, a villager in Puyang, Henan Province, who did not wear a mask during the epidemic prevention and control period, was caught by a video taped to the wall by a staff member.

In the video, a villager is being tied to the wall by an epidemic prevention and control personnel. Another epidemic prevention and control personnel yells in front of the villager, forget to wear it. Do you want to live? You dont live. People still live.

The villagers did not have physical conflicts with the epidemic prevention and control personnel in the whole process. They said they were strapped to the wall to scare him.. After being tied up for a few minutes, the villager was released.

On February 17, the local epidemic prevention and control headquarters responded that the villagers did not wear masks every day, repeatedly went in and out of the checkpoints, and did not obey the advice, but the practices of the prevention and control personnel were not appropriate, and the staff had been seriously criticized and educated, and the public security had intervened in the investigation.

Before that, there was a video of girls without masks and chains walking in the streets to show them to the public.

According to the video content released by blogger @ piaolian Fanzhou, several police officers with a handcuffed woman were working at an epidemic prevention and control point. Among them, the woman wearing a mask was led by a female police officer with a chain. In the video, the woman said, I didnt wear a mask when I went out.

Going out without a mask, youre going to be led by a chain? Handcuffed?

The local police station denied that.

On February 17, a police officer at Longping police station of Luodian County Public Security Bureau said that the incident happened on February 12, when the woman, without wearing a mask, collided with the site staff at the epidemic prevention and control card point in the community, hindering the site staff from performing their duties. The woman was then administratively detained in accordance with the law. Police with handcuffed women in the street are actually identifying the scene, not the online spread of walking around with chains in public display.

However, how can such a short woman crash the staff so fiercely that she has to be handcuffed? It should be noted that handcuffs are police equipment, which can not be worn casually by non illegal criminals or major suspects.

In addition, there are elderly people who go out without masks. They are beaten by property management personnel of Xian community. Their mouth is full of blood, even their teeth are gone, and their hands are also blood. When the citizens stopped, they were beaten by property management personnel. Property personnel also robbed reporters of interview equipment and mobile phones. In the end, the police called the police and continued to provoke and abuse.


Fengcun, Fenglu

There is no doubt that more prevention and control have been carried out in various places, but in some places, many rough behaviors of epidemic prevention staff have resulted in language and physical conflicts with the villagers, some of them have been banished with brooms, some have been bombarded with sticks, some have been directly pushed and even beaten.

Conflict at the village entrance

Physical conflict

In addition, vehicles in some provinces are prohibited from getting off the highway, and some residential properties even do not allow returnees and tenants to enter.

Mr. Chen, 40, is the head of a restaurant in Wenzhou. Years ago, I went to Shangrao, Jiangxi Province to see my friends. Then, novel coronavirus pneumonia caused the epidemic to stop roads everywhere, and he could not live in any place. He could not live anywhere but had to live on the bus for 14 days, and nibble at instant noodles and bite the ulcer.

This is the outline of his epidemic embarrassment during the Spring Festival, and a miniature of the national epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival.

Previously, due to the sealing up and road sealing in some areas, agricultural products could not go out and the means of production could not come in. Farmers also have words of suffering.

Even if there are vegetable vendors selling vegetables, they are also smashed by people without any reason. No matter how hard the stall owners ask for it.


Foreign tenants are not allowed to enter

There are also tenants who have been evicted from their houses, and the owners (even medical staff) do not allow them back to the community for one reason: the need for epidemic prevention and control.

Hangzhou community previously stipulated that foreign tenants were not allowed to enter before 24:00 on February 9.

Some netizens said that the notice given to us by the community is that if you want to return home, you have to find a place to isolate yourself when the resumption certificate is complete, and you are not allowed to isolate in the community.

This led to many returning workers homeless, nowhere to go..

On February 5, a netizen tweeted, its two oclock in the morning. At this moment, Ive been blocked outside the community gate for more than two hours. I dont know what words and actions are used to express my frustration and anger. The hotel is closed completely, and I can only sleep on the road as a little girl?

On February 11, the day after returning to work, a microblog netizen said, the current situation is that the community and property are killed and dont go in. No red documents are useful. Four friends and I have been floating on the streets of Hangzhou for six days.

Compared with the nowhere to go people, lucky netizens said, after staying in the hotel for 13 days, I finally entered the community with the Hangzhou health code yesterday after the companys resumption certificate and the hotels admission certificate.

Its not cheap, someone commented Netizens replied, there is no way but to bear it.

As a citizen of Hangzhou, blogger @ expressed his views on this.

He said that some of the community management and service providers behaviors are too extreme. They forcibly stop innocent owners and tenants from going home without health inspection and distinguishing the returning personnel. This kind of epidemic prevention measures is simple and crude, which may facilitate your epidemic prevention work and reduce your accountability pressure, but it has suffered many people in Hangzhou.

Wuhan had previously issued a notice requiring the requisition of dormitories of some schools as temporary hospitals isolated by patients. Some schools in Teng dormitory, students left in the dormitory items, randomly packed, roughly thrown out of the dormitory downstairs, the same as the treatment of garbage.

Xiaoxia in Beijing also encountered this problem.

On January 29, Xiaoxia received a phone call from Beijing to rent a property in a residential area. The other end of the phone said, because of the impact of the epidemic, the residential area is closed, so you dont come back.

Xiaoxias face is misty. She asks quickly, where can I stay if I dont go home?

Callers from the community said that it was forbidden for non local people to go back to the community and they had to stay in a hotel for 14 days. If you really want to go back to the community, you can contact the property.

Xiaoxia asked: when will this policy end? The other end of the phone said that there was no exact date, waiting for the above notice.

Xiao Xia is speechless. He is not from the epidemic area of Hubei Province, but also bears the different treatment of Beijing. If you want to return to Beijing for rework as soon as possible, you have to bear 14 days of hotel expenses, which is not a small expense. If you cant rework on time, your salary will be lost again. Its hard to choose.

In addition to the tenants, the staff fighting in the front line also received special treatment. Previously, a property owners in a community let the owners show their hands to vote not to let medical staff into the community chat screenshot caused hot public opinion. On February 9, Zhengzhou City prevention and control office verified that the screenshot of online transmission was true.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});))) (); coincidentally, just a few days ago, a small community in Nanyang, Henan posted a notice saying medical staff are not allowed to enter, which was attributed to residents fear that they will bring virus back . The times weekly new media reporter saw on the microblog that, in addition to Beijing and Hangzhou, there had been no access to the community in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xian, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Qingdao, Jinan, Fuzhou, Wuxi and other cities before. In special period, we cant do whatever we want under the banner of epidemic prevention, let alone take chicken feather as an arrow. Extended reading Zhong Nanshan: dead body anatomy found inflammation and mucus especially many poison king arrested! 11 people in the city were confirmed to have been directly or indirectly infected by him. Yang Xiaoping, the mistress of the Secretary of the county Party committee and the female underground organization minister, was given a commutation sentence again. Source: responsible editor of the times weekly: Hua Chengyu

Coincidentally, just a few days ago, a community in Nanyang, Henan Province posted a notice saying medical staff are not allowed to enter, because residents are afraid that they will bring back the virus.

The times weekly new media reporter saw on the microblog that, in addition to Beijing and Hangzhou, there had been no access to the community in Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Xian, Suzhou, Nanjing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Qingdao, Jinan, Fuzhou, Wuxi and other cities before.

In special period, we cant do whatever we want under the banner of epidemic prevention, let alone take chicken feather as an arrow.