Hard to get out of the country: nearly ten trips in two days for the return certificate

 Hard to get out of the country: nearly ten trips in two days for the return certificate

I didnt go out for 20 days when I went home. It was safe, but in order to go through the formalities, I got in touch with people from all departments in one day. Twenty people were so small that they pushed each other all the time after running to and fro in a place for several times and they couldnt do it well. On February 16, Ms. He talked about her bumpy return journey again, but she still felt that she was not too hypocritical. As a middle-level company who has received higher education and worked in Beijing for many years, Ms. He believes that she is not a desperate person. The whole country has been fighting the epidemic, and she has been strictly abiding by the relevant regulations. But the difficult experience of going through the formalities of return had to make her have many questions.

Ms. Hes hometown is a county under the jurisdiction of a prefecture level city in Heilongjiang Province, which is 2-3 hours drive from the nearest airport. On February 2, Ms. Hes County issued a notice, saying that since 6 p.m. on February 2, road traffic in the county has been stopped, private cars are forbidden to go on the road, and taxis are also expropriated. Then let all roads in the county set up all kinds of checkpoints, not allowed to pass.

At that time, because the company delayed work and understood that the situation of epidemic prevention and control was really serious, I thought it would be safer to stay in my hometown for a few more days. According to the companys expected commencement time, the ticket back to Beijing on February 1 was changed to February 6 . On February 5, Ms. He began to ask about her travel situation. Because she was not allowed to leave the city, and her home was two and a half hours drive from the nearest airport city, m City, so when the public transportation stopped, Ms. he planned to let her father drive her and her husband to the airport. What I thought at that time was that he didnt get off the bus, didnt touch anyone all the way, put us in the airport parking lot and he would return.

Ms. he received a reply that she had to go to the street to open a certificate to prove whether she could go out in this situation. If she went out, the person who saw off would be pulled to the place of centralized isolation for 14 days after returning. Im sure I cant go back to Beijing for my sake and let my father take the risk. I can only get rid of this idea. Thinking about it, Ms. He can only return her ticket on February 6 and continue to work online in her hometown.

During the period, Ms. He asked the community for help to issue a certificate that she could not go back to work due to the restrictions on private travel caused by the epidemic, but was refused.

Affected by the progress of the epidemic, the start-up time of Ms. Hes company has been delayed until February 17. Therefore, Ms. He began to make the plan of returning to Beijing again, and finally decided that she and her husband would drive to m city to take a plane and put the car in M City Airport. After the epidemic ended, my father took public transport to the airport to pick up the car.

In the middle of the night of February 11, the county sent a message saying that the policy of strict access control will continue until March 1. I was a little worried. I went to the community early the next morning to ask how to go about the travel process. However, it is found that the caliber is not uniform because of the management involving multiple links. . Ms. He said that on February 12, she launched the rush mode.

She had to pass two checkpoints. One was the one in the town of the county. The public security personnel took turns on duty, blocking the road with vehicles and some haystacks. Access requires a work permit or a limited number of passes issued by the county.

Then theres a pass, set at the intersection of the highway. If there is no relevant proof, we cant get on the highway. There is a long way between the city gate and the highway gate. That is to say, if you go out of the city, but dont get the proof of getting on the expressway, you can only stay in this blank place and cant return to the city.

In order to prevent half way obstruction, Ms. he plans to go to each entrance and exit checkpoint to ask about the situation and explore the way. But its not easy to go out and have a look. People who leave the city gate suggest that I go to the community first to open a certificate, so that I can return to the city after the high-speed gate has asked about the situation.

But the community staff replied, it cant be proved. This cant be opened. If you want to go out, Ill call the exit gate. You can go out at any time, but as long as you go out, you cant come in again.. Ms. He asked, what kind of proof is needed to get on the highway? The staff said that the expressway had been sealed.

Later, Ms. He called the transportation department to ask, and the result was that all the highways were open. She called the airport of M city again, and replied that as long as there was ticket information and ID card information, she could enter the airport. She realized that all the processes were stuck in her county.

I continue to ask the community staff if they have to go out of the highway to do what certification, he said that you have to do a physical examination.. Ms. He called the transportation department again and replied that its OK to find a health center to do it. Dont go to a big hospital. She thought it might also be a worry about the danger of a big hospital. But she later found that no accessible clinic within walking distance was open.

Back in the community, Ms. he got a reply that she had to go to the peoples Hospital of the county for examination. I was very worried at that time. Peoples hospital is a place with mixed patients. Isnt going to this place increasing the risk of infection? After arguing for a long time, the director of the community committee said to Ms. He forcefully, if you dont open this (physical examination certificate), I can let you go out now, but I promise you cant get on the highway and you cant come back. You think it out for yourself!

Ms. He and Mr. He thought that the policy would be more and more strict, so they walked for 40 minutes to the peoples Hospital of the county to do CT and blood collection around 4:5 p.m. that day. This is the first time Ms. He took CT in her life for more than 30 years. The reason is not because she was ill, but to prove that she was not ill. She thought it was ironic because everyone knows that X-ray is right There is a physical hazard. After the examination, Ms. he communicated with the doctor for a long time before she was able to get the diagnosis certificate signed and sealed by no relevant symptoms.

Ms. He later learned that she was not alone. Many people who left and returned home and their relatives had to contact others frequently in a short period of time in the process of issuing various process documents.

However, the certificate issued by Ms. He in the peoples hospital was not used later. Because just when she thought that all the preparations for her return had been completed, the county issued another detailed rules for leaving the country that night, which made clear requirements for travel. First, she had to go to the neighborhood committee and the street to fill out a departure application form and paste an inch long picture. After seal and approval, go to the designated hospital for self inspection, and the hospital will issue a special form to confirm your physical health. Only after these two forms are complete can you leave the county. Although Ms. He has done CT and blood test in advance, she still needs to fill in the application form and go to the designated hospital to reopen the special health certificate.

We didnt have an inch of photos in our hands, so we had to take one with our mobile phone and find an acquaintance to help us print it out. Ms. He said that when she took the application form and went to the community to stamp it, she happened to meet with the relevant leaders to inspect the work. Because the seal needed to be stamped on the application form for leaving Beijing was in the meeting room where the leaders had a meeting, all the staff waited 40 minutes outside with the form. After the leaders came out with masks after the meeting, the next inspection began again. The loudspeaker broadcast asked everyone to go back, because the drone would start spraying disinfectant.

With the form, Ms. He went to the designated hospital. The place for examination and health certificate is actually the fever clinic of the designated hospital. The doctors and nurses there didnt wear protective clothing, so they wore blue masks and ordinary masks. Ms. he recalled, when I arrived at 9:00 in the morning, there were a lot of people who planned to come back for physical examination as required. No one organizes the order. Its very chaotic. Later I said that you cant do this. You will have infectious diseases. Ms. He suggested that the nurse let everyone out and wait. When she received the number, she waited for the call.

But because of the fear of someone jumping in line, everyone was huddled in a narrow corridor less than 2 meters away. At last, the nurse shouted to let out a passage. People with fever came to see the doctor. They need priority. We all listen to the bouncing spread and wait outside. In fact, everyone is very angry about this arrangement, but in order to leave as soon as possible, we have to risk continuing the process behind. .

Ms. He, who has obtained all the certificates, dare not delay. The next day, she drove to m city and boarded the plane with the ticket information and ID card to return to Beijing. The journey was very smooth. In addition to checking the ticket information, ID information and body temperature, she did not use all the above certificates.

By the time Ms. He left on February 14, two confirmed cases in her county had been reported to the public, and all of them had been unified to the superior city hospital for centralized diagnosis and treatment. A centralized isolation observation point was reserved in the county for isolation and observation of suspected and close contacts.

On February 9, the general office of the State Council issued the notice on ensuring the smooth traffic of highway traffic to ensure the normal traffic of personnel and vehicles (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which requires further work on ensuring the smooth traffic of highway traffic to ensure the normal traffic of personnel and vehicles and maintain the normal order of economy and society. Among them, it is strictly prohibited to close the entrance and exit of the expressway without permission, block the national and provincial trunk roads, hard isolation or excavation of rural roads, block the passage of emergency transport vehicles, set epidemic prevention and control quarantine points or detection stations in the expressway service area and toll station, provincial boundary and national and provincial trunk roads without permission, and those that have been set in violation of laws and regulations shall be resolutely revoked.