Grieved! 57 year old cadres of the Bureau of letters and visits died of sudden obstruction

 Grieved! 57 year old cadres of the Bureau of letters and visits died of sudden obstruction

If Comrade Changchun doesnt leave, I will go to visit the community residents houses with him after the epidemic, and continue to mediate the unfinished transformation of old elevators... Zhang Jinghong, deputy director of the letters and Visits Bureau of Jianggan District, Hangzhou City, was in the eye.

Unfortunately, there is no if.

Wei Changchun, 57, a member of the Communist Party of China, is a veteran of Danyang, Jiangsu Province.

At about 11:40 p.m. on February 17, he had a sudden myocardial infarction at home, and his family called 120 to send him to the Municipal Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine for rescue; at about 0:00 p.m. on February 18, he died of invalid rescue.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Wei Changchun invited Ying to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the first time to sink into the epidemic front line, to participate in the prevention and control of the two communities, jiantangyuan and zhaojiayuan, dinglan street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou.

The sudden departure of Changchun is heartbreaking and heartbreaking.

One pen, one book, epidemic prevention line

You can always see that familiar figure

Wei Changchun in the front line of anti epidemic

On January 27, on the third day of the year, he came back from his hometown. The next day, Wei Changchun went to the contact point of the peoples situation.

Since January 28, the anti epidemic diary of zhaojiayuan community in dinglan street has recorded the work records of Wei Changchuns participation in the first-line patrol, visit and squatting prevention and control.

Zhaojiayuan community is a relocation housing community. Due to the incomplete relocation, there are still some households in the community who have not taken their houses. This is the community Wei Changchun contacted.

Because of his business counterpart, he is no longer familiar with zhaojiayuan community. He once said with a smile, all year round letters and visits help me to know Zhaojia, Wednesdays interview helps me to know Zhaojia better, and now the epidemic prevention and control makes me closer to Zhaojia.

When it comes to Wei Changchun, Hu Zhi, member of the general Party branch of the community, is deeply impressed by a pen, a book, and the familiar figure of walking into the house.

In addition to seriously assisting the community in the work of home observation and control, sentry box patrol, certificate inspection, body temperature monitoring and psychological counseling, in the face of residents incomprehension and non cooperation in the work of strict control and other home door conflicts and disputes, based on his own duty and expertise, he has taken over all the complicated tasks such as dispute mediation, complaint response, call handling, etc.

Nearly 60 years old, people advised him not to work too hard, he took a lot of work home to do.

Its just to answer the questions

Every Wednesday interview, everyone was impressed, because Wei Changchun must have come to the community early.

Xiao Hu, lets go to several houses today. the old hes last time, well go later Spreading out his notes of peoples feelings, they are all the records of visits.

He recorded in detail all the questions raised by the residents.

In February 13th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 3 cases in Hangzhou, 1 cases in the case of DLM, and 3 cases in Hangzhou in February 14th, 2 cases in the Chinese medicine. For a while, there were rumors about dinglan.

Using his professional advantages, Wei Changchun patiently and meticulously explained the epidemic prevention policies to the residents, so as to guide the residents psychology and make them not believe or spread rumors. He also directed dinglan street to publicize the confirmed cases as soon as possible and provide advice and suggestions on governance to the community. In his words, I was sent by the organization, either to listen to good words or to answer questions..

Master Wei is a good hand at mass work. Zhou Dongliang, Secretary of zhaojiayuan community, said with emotion, he is an expert in outpatient service, and people believe him very much..

Wei Changchun in the front line of anti epidemic

In the face of the epidemic, Wei Changchun is not the only one who bravely fought in this military family. My wife is the director of Qinfeng community in dinglan street, and also a volunteer. In the first time, Wei Changchun mobilized her to overcome difficulties and participate in the voluntary service in the corridor, shopping and buying vegetables for the personnel in the home-based medical observation point. When the community materials were in the most shortage, she also gave her forehead temperature gun and mask to the community gate post for emergency use.

Wei Wei, son, is a member of the Party committee and deputy director of Changqingyuan community in Caihe street. His wife is about to give birth in the hospital. After the outbreak of the epidemic, Wei Wei did not say anything to put into the prevention and control work. In more than half a month, the hospital had two frontlines.

On the night of his fathers death, Wei Wei was on the night shift and didnt have time to see his father for the last time

Wei Wei said: I came from a military family. Although I didnt join the army, my father has always educated, infected and led me with the style of military.

In 2018, Wei Changchun was named as a cadre of Jianggan District in the new era.

This veteran

One of my favorite words is Ill come

Since he was a soldier at the age of 19, Wei Changchun has experienced 28 spring, summer, autumn and winter in the army. During this period, he has made three outstanding achievements. The character, style and character of a soldier have never changed in him.

When he came to the place, he always asked himself to be a good soldier. Strict self-discipline, low-key pragmatic, concise and capable is the most intuitive impression of him.

Zhang Jing, deputy director of the District Bureau of letters and visits, said of him, Lao Wei is a real man. He has a very simple communication with him. He never talks about the conditions and requirements with the organization. What he hears most is yes, I come, take it, just like our big brother.

In his work, he has always adhered to the militarys preciseness, meticulousness and meticulousness. The office is clean and tidy, the handling of cases is orderly, and everyone should give a thumbs up in business.

Xuanjianping is also a colleague of Wei Changchun. Brother Wei is 11 years older than me. As an elder brother, I am deeply impressed by his words and deeds. Although we left the army, the temperament of the soldiers has not changed at all, and has always been our model. Brother Wei always leaves as soon as there is a situation. He has prepared a suitcase for himself, which contains all his daily necessities and work supplies, including notebook, address book, etc.

He always said that if the visiting people were treated as our families, the things they reflected would be easy to understand.

Brother Wei, good journey!

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