Death! Hubei man forced the whole house to be separated by his girlfriend

 Death! Hubei man forced the whole house to be separated by his girlfriend

Some results have been achieved.

However, a very small number of people turned a deaf ear to the epidemic prevention and control notice,

As usual,

Make some behaviors that are not conducive to epidemic prevention and control,

Here are a few cases,

Must be exposed!


Go over the wall to date your girlfriend. The whole building is forced to be isolated

One night, a Hubei native secretly climbed over the wall and sneaked into his girlfriends house in Xiaoquan village, Wenling City, Taizhou, without even knowing the landlord. After being found, according to the relevant regulations, the landlord and other tenants in a total of more than ten people were forced to be isolated.


To climb the window, you have to gamble, and you have to be detained and removed

At about 1:00 p.m. on February 12, Hu, a villager from Cangshan village, Wenling City, climbed into the activity room of the elderly association from the back corner, drew the curtains, gathered for gambling, and some people were around After receiving the relevant clues, the public security police immediately sent out the police.

The public security organ punishes Hu and others with administrative detention for 5 days, and punishes others with fine after criticizing and educating them.

What needs to be warned is that the president of Cangshan village elderly association Shi XXX, vice president LV XXX and director Lin XXX are all at the scene this time, which has a very bad impact.

Relevant departments ordered Cangshan village two committees to make a written review and to remove Shi and Lv.


People outside Wenling return to Wenling without permission. Please return!

On the morning of January 29, Jin, a member of the Communist Party of Xinlian village in Wenling City, opened the window for ventilation and found a little domestic garbage on the first floor of the next rental house. Careful, he suspected that there were foreign tenants returning.

The person in charge received the news and immediately took the person to inspect the rental house. It was found that the tenant of Henan nationality heard that a father and son had returned to live in the night without permission, so he cooperated with the street law enforcement officers to persuade them to return.

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