Every night, the boy delivers his father to the anti epidemic duty officer: I hope he knows how to be grateful

 Every night, the boy delivers his father to the anti epidemic duty officer: I hope he knows how to be grateful

The third grade boy delivers the night for the epidemic prevention duty officer every night. Father: I hope he knows how to be grateful (source: surging News)

For more than 20 days in a row, a third grade boy in Cangnan County, Wenzhou, and his father sent night snacks to the watchmen on the epidemic prevention line every night.

On the evening of February 17, Wu Zhengren, a volunteer on duty at Cangnan interchange checkpoint of Shenhai expressway, told surging news that he had been on duty at this checkpoint since January 29, and every night a boy about 10 years old came to deliver the night. He was told by his colleagues that the boy had started to deliver midnight oil before.

He said that the boys father drove over every night, stopped at 100 meters from the checkpoint, and asked the boy to take the night to the checkpoint. Sometimes it was ximilu, sometimes Tangyuan, red dates, and tremella soup, dumplings and so on. Every time you send them, the boy will say that you are hard.

According to Wu Zhengren, the boy is a third grade student of Cangnan experimental primary school, his father is a medical worker, and his parents prepare the night snack, which is sent to multiple checkpoints every night.

On the night of the Lantern Festival, a reporter from Cangnan TV station met the father and son at the checkpoint. The father, who was unwilling to give his name, said that he hoped his son would know how to be grateful through such a move. Surging news tried to contact the boys father for an interview on the 17th and was politely declined.

We are on duty 24 hours now. There are many people who give us food, but I am deeply impressed by this boys persistence. Wu Zhengren said that one night it was cold and it rained heavily. When he came back from duty, he saw the night night brought by the boy on the table, and his heart was warm.

By February 17th, 504 novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed cases in Wenzhou were reported, including 9 cases in Cangnan county.

Sick father meets his son on duty in the hospital: you are a party member

On the morning of February 14, Wang Huanfeng, a member of the police commando of Wuhan Jiangan fangcang hospital, and his teammates wore protective clothing and other protective equipment to help the patients. During the patrol, he saw his father who had just been transferred. In the face of the unexpected encounter, Wang Huanfengs father was filled with emotion and told his son that at this time, he must think for the national interests and for the happiness of the people, and Party members should rush ahead.