200 theaters will invite frontline anti epidemic personnel to watch the performance free of charge

 200 theaters will invite frontline anti epidemic personnel to watch the performance free of charge

On February 17, the theater Committee of China Performance Industry Association said in the notice to the industry that in the face of the epidemic, China Performance Industry Association issued the letter of proposal, calling on all kinds of performance agencies in the industry to work together to overcome difficulties. With five commitments, we call on the whole society to work together and help each other.

According to incomplete statistics, from January to March 2020, nearly 20000 performances have been cancelled or postponed nationwide, and the direct box office loss has exceeded 2 billion yuan.

At present, 200 theaters across the country have jointly released the epidemic commitment, which includes returning the performance deposit in accordance with the force majeure terms; actively developing non weekend working days to reduce the venue rent; and developing online community cultural activities.

Commitment 1:

In accordance with the terms related to force majeure in the agreement, the earnest money for cancellation of the performance due to the epidemic, or as the advance payment for delayed performance, will be returned to share the losses caused by the epidemic in accordance with the symbiotic concept and the spirit of the contract;

Commitment two:

Actively develop the non weekend working schedule after the epidemic, release it to the industry in a timely manner with available space, no rent premium and service shrinkage, and strive to reduce the pressure of venue shortage caused by a large number of performance delays, and work together to overcome the difficulties;

Commitment three:

Actively carry out the online community cultural activities based on the theater audience membership system, and change the idle offline theater into an active online stage;

Commitment four:

Before the theater is reopened, the comprehensive disinfection work should be done carefully to prevent the secondary disasters;

Commitment five:

After the epidemic, we will actively organize condolences to the medical staff, military police soldiers and community service personnel who are fighting on the front line during the epidemic to watch the performance free of charge.

On February 15, Hainan Daily learned from Haikou Municipal Bureau of tourism, culture, radio, television and sports that in order to pay homage to the medical workers who are fighting in the front line of epidemic, all the scenic spots in Haikou have been in operation since the date of restoration until the end of this year