Hubei: the first-line medical staff shall not work for more than one month in the shelter hospital

 Hubei: the first-line medical staff shall not work for more than one month in the shelter hospital

1u3001 Maintain the physical and mental health of medical staff

uff081uff09 Improve the working and rest conditions of medical staff. We will strengthen the construction of protective facilities and equipment for occupational exposure of medical personnel, so that the medical and health institutions that receive patients can meet the requirements for diagnosis and control of infectious diseases. Hotels around medical institutions can be expropriated according to law, and single room rest places can be provided for front-line medical personnel as far as possible to ensure their need for rest and isolation, as well as food and basic necessities.

uff082uff09 Arrange the work and rest time of medical staff reasonably. According to the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, all localities should scientifically calculate the workload of medical personnel and reasonably allocate medical personnel. All medical institutions should coordinate the external support medical teams and their own medical staff to ensure the rest time of medical staff while meeting the needs of medical services. In principle, the continuous working time of the front-line medical staff working in the shelter hospital or general designated hospital shall not be longer than one month; the continuous working time of the front-line medical staff working in the designated hospital for critical care can be appropriately shortened; the front-line medical staff working in the centralized isolation point shall coordinate and implement the rotation time by their unit in combination with the actual situation. For medical personnel who cannot take leave due to epidemic prevention and control, after the completion of prevention and control tasks, their medical institutions shall give priority to arranging compensatory leave.

uff083uff09 Strengthen the health protection of medical personnel. All medical and health institutions should be equipped with protective materials and equipment as far as possible, and the allocation of protective equipment should be inclined to the clinical front line. Organize the physical examination of front-line medical personnel, and arrange CT examination if possible. The hospital infection was minimized, and medical staff were isolated and treated with all their strength in case of infection.

uff084uff09 Carry out psychological crisis intervention and psychological counseling for medical staff. We should make full use of the provincial college psychological support hotline 4007027520 to provide psychological support services for medical staff. A self-help psychological consultation team composed of psychiatrists and other medical staff was set up in the medical institutions to carry out mental health assessment of medical staff and strengthen psychological assistance measures. Carry out the psychological crisis intervention and daily psychological counseling focusing on the front-line medical staff and their families to reduce the psychological pressure of medical staff. For the medical staff who have stress symptoms, timely arrange the change of post.

uff085uff09 Strengthen the humanistic care for front-line medical personnel. All localities should organize social forces, mobilize volunteers or special personnel, offer condolences to front-line medical personnel and their families, regularly understand their needs and difficulties, and actively coordinate and solve them. Establish counterpart assistance mechanism for families of front-line medical staff with family difficulties.

2u3001 Strengthen the policy inclination to the front-line medical staff

uff081uff09 Enjoy the one-time care of children entering the primary education stage. If the children of front-line medical personnel enter the kindergarten in autumn 2020, they will be given priority to the public welfare and inclusive kindergartens within their jurisdiction; if they are promoted to primary school or junior high school in autumn 2020, they will be given priority to the relatively high-quality schools according to the principle of convenience nearby, under the premise of degree permission, under the overall planning of the education administrative department of the county (city, district) where their household registration is located; in 2020, they will participate in In addition, relevant cities and prefectures may add 10 points to their total admission scores before enrolling.

uff082uff09 The children of front-line medical staff should be taken care of when they study in Institutions of higher learning. In 2020, if the front-line medical staffs children participate in the general college entrance examination and are admitted to the provincial colleges and universities, the colleges and universities shall give priority to the adjustment of majors in the same batch according to the wishes of the candidates; arrange some high-quality vocational colleges in the province to recruit the front-line medical staffs children, and implement the separate plan.

uff083uff09 We will implement a preferential policy for personnel and personnel. Take the performance of medical personnel in epidemic prevention and control work as an important basis for talent evaluation and personnel management, and give preference to the contribution of medical personnel in title evaluation, talent project selection and post employment in public institutions, and give priority to recommendation and promotion.

3u3001 Further implement the treatment of medical and health personnel

uff081uff09 Implement temporary work subsidies. All localities shall make statistics on the work of epidemic prevention and control medical and health personnel in accordance with the provisions of the documents of the Ministry of human resources and social security [2016] No. 4, the e-fangzhifa [2020] No. 7 and the e-caishefa [2020] No. 8. The health and health departments at the same level, together with the human resources and social security and financial departments, shall review and organize the issuance of temporary work subsidies on a monthly basis. After the municipal and state health departments reported to the provincial health and Health Commission, the provincial human resources and social security department and the provincial finance department for examination and approval before the 10th of the next month, the provincial finance settled accounts with the local governments according to the regulations.

uff082uff09 A one-off consolation subsidy shall be provided to front-line medical personnel. In accordance with the provisions of E fangzhifa [2020] No. 7, e Weitong [2020] No. 9 and E caishefa [2020] No. 12, the health departments of each city and prefecture shall organize the distribution, establish the distribution list details, report to the provincial health and Health Commission for approval, and the provincial finance shall settle accounts with each region according to the provisions.

uff083uff09 Increase total performance pay. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control period, the Ministry of health and health departments at all levels, according to assume the task of new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work, adjust measures to local conditions, to the medical institutions with heavy prevention and control tasks and high risk level, and increase the total one-time performance of labor. The total amount of the one-time performance salary increased by the audit is independently distributed by the medical and health institutions, with the focus on the front-line personnel who dare to take on the responsibility, bear the burden bravely, and work overtime, especially those who make outstanding contributions.

uff084uff09 Implement the health and epidemic prevention allowance. All localities should implement the health and epidemic prevention allowance policy in a timely manner, especially for those who participate in epidemic prevention and control.

uff086uff09 Encourage the establishment of special insurance. We will encourage and support joint insurance companies of medical and health institutions at all levels, establish special insurance guarantee plans for epidemic prevention and control of medical and health personnel, and improve the level of personal safety and health insurance for medical and health personnel.

4u3001 Guarantee the practice environment

5u3001 Do a good job in publicity and advanced commendation

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