What kept you going for 100 days?

 What kept you going for 100 days?

Such a group of people, is to adhere to the completion of Chen and chic elder sister sculpt 100 days of each of the young friends.

A few days ago, xiaoshai posted a micro blog: I want to ask all the students who have finished shaping their bodies for 100 days: what makes you stick to it? You have commented on many reasons, each of which contains a little story about getting better.

Here are some excerpts from the parent star to see which one stabbed youu2014u2014


Never stop, yearning for a beautiful body

@Qingye 11: want to be beautiful and want to be disciplined

@Lidan fujito: I dont want to let such a young man fall down and become fat. I want to grow old gracefully and gracefully

@Simple - Carol: upper body method! Imagine a new dress up!

Want to become thin, want to train a vest line, want to control all their favorite styles of clothing.

Want to be the one you can be, instead of realizing your dreams every day.


100 days, time is visible

@Mslu: want to be more beautiful and wonder if time can be seen in me

@Lepetitpilot: because its really effective, I lost 27 Jin in two 100 days

10 days can feel the change of waist and abdomen, 30 days can have obvious change, and 2 100 days can lose more than 20 jin.


All for self witness

@Soureetbittpeppy: its a real part of my life today

@Jennifer? YC: strive to be a very small number of people


The power of role models and peers

@Wen: because of the power of example, because I want to be 40

@Im Annie A: in order to experience what elder sister said, good health brings her a lot of confidence. When I was exercising, I was not me, but a smart sister. I would stick to it all the time

@Miss Dong Zhenzhen: there are so many partners going forward together, as if to give themselves a kind of strength, we must insist on it, and give ourselves a satisfactory answer in 100 days

We use our own actions to light up and become lighthouses on each others fitness Road, which not only gains power, but also gives power to others.


15 minutes of daily practice + leave mechanism

At the same time, lets stick to the uncomplicated punch in mechanism. In the whole cycle of 100 days, maybe the first two days are the most exciting and exciting. Once the freshness is over, there will always be a low tide, lazy and withdrawn.

At this time, no need for machinery, 15 minutes a day, aunt period can ask for leave, rest day upload rest card and other mechanisms can help us get through the fear of difficulty.

@Designer: 15-20 minutes at a time, not long, easy to find a sense of achievement

@Eliza: it may be strange to say that you need to punch in every day, but there is a rest day. This mechanism has cracked my perfectionism very well, either 0 or 100 psychology. Let me stick to it better


Poverty keeps us clocking

Insist on 100 days, and the challenge money will be returned in full. So we have another reason to insist.

@Somedayme -: wanted to get the money back for 100 days-

@Gao Tiantian or wench 3: at first it was money, but later I saw the effect and fell in love with the beautiful appearance

@Morning vivi: it was originally to let 199 come back, but after looking at the contrast photos of myself, it was a surprise. The whole person was slender. With the praise of friends and colleagues, the sports were full of energy, full of vitality every day, and the smile was confident and sunny

In order to get back your challenge money, we insist on it. Its a special plan we set for you to succeed. Let you have to pay, can pay more attention to, can easily not say give up. It turns out, it works.


Love sports, then love life

@Peng July -: because of the pleasure of sports

@Fried rice with Aries eggs: if you have a better mental state every day, you will naturally want to continue to have such a life

@Give me a good day to fight and live

When you love something, you are very persistent. Its the same with fitness. When fitness becomes something you love, you will stick to it because you love it, and you will be happier and get positive feedback because you stick to it.

Fitness is no longer a painful thing, but in addition to fitness, our lifestyle is quietly changing.


From insisting on one thing to insisting on everything

@S_lyw: the deepest level is probably the affirmation of oneself, that kind of lasting pleasure that does not need other peoples supervision, does not need to tell others, and works silently to get the result

@Small silent late night meditation: when you feel the joy of success after sticking to one thing, its easier to stick to other things

@Wang Yang 94729: because I want to see the strength of persistence. If this can be persisted, other things I want to persist will realize its value

When you really stick to one thing, that confidence and pride gives you the courage to challenge anything.


In addition, we also found some unexpected touching

@Treasure elves: the summer camp of Baoyan failed in July at that time, with both physical and mental attacks. Elder sister has always been my light, so she pursues the light and practices

@Maggie: at first, I wanted to alleviate my depression and make myself happy. After nearly a months persistence, when my father left me, I wanted to live harder, which might make my father feel more relieved and I would not lose face to my father. So I worked harder to keep exercising and finish the first 100 days. After the end, my body line is getting better and better, which makes me have a stronger sense of life control, makes me dare to dream again, and makes me have the courage not to be afraid of the present and the future. Therefore, its more special for me to have a 100 day body shaping for Xiaosha sister. Now its the third 100 day. Ill keep hitting the card

We are lucky to be able to help you get out of the haze somewhere in your life and look at life more optimistically.

Every reason leads us to persist in 100 days.

Some are concrete incentives: skirts, waistlines, a desire for a good figure. Some are lifestyle changes: more confident, consistent habits.

For example, everyone has found the answer they want in the 100 days.

Driven by example, accompanied by partners, motivated by deposit, enjoying sweat and surprises. These are 100 days, we all challenge with the scenery.

Experience is better than envy.

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Lets put the imaginary scene 100 days later, imagine the expressions of people who havent seen you in a few months, and imagine their sudden surprise. You can imagine calmly looking at their eyes and mouths, hearing the unexpected praise, and then smiling.

Of course, you deserve to be praised, because you have to pay before you get it.

People who look at you may get some enlightenment and visual enjoyment, but you have got too much: a tight and smooth body, the pleasure of easy dressing, the belief of self-control. After 100 days, its a life youve regained. It doesnt need to be explained to anyone.

To realize self witness, we will eventually be led by time to our own creation.

I talk about it.

What did you stick to and how did you stick to it

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