I can only see you on wechat

 I can only see you on wechat

Before I wrote this, I kept thinking, what are the children who are related to the epidemic going through?

Their parents rushed to the front line, leaving them alone at home. How can they describe the disaster in the face of unforeseen circumstances and family members unable to return home for reunion?

Fang Fang wrote: a grain of ash of the times, falling on ones head, is a mountain.

This sentence reads inexplicably sad, in the grand narrative, how small and powerless the individuals power is.

Even we have insurmountable fears and loneliness, let alone those children.

But when I saw some videos on the Internet, those children were stronger than I imagined. They were thinking, caring for their parents and adjusting their emotions.

At present, we all need such skills to pacify ourselves.

Just like the little boy, when we feel lonely and flustered, take a deep breath.

The heart will gradually calm down.

Click looking. I believe everything will be better.

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