Its too wasteful for a pig farmer to be with a white-collar worker ufe31 if you have this ability, youll be the best one

 Its too wasteful for a pig farmer to be with a white-collar worker ufe31 if you have this ability, youll be the best one

1. He is a household farmer, that is to say, when we are together in the future, I may also want to work in agriculture, but I will not develop in that way;

2u3001 In terms of living habits, I will not live. I am an idiot in life. I don t know what kind of oil and salt is, and he basically cares for his family, but it is not very common, and my life is particularly rough;

3. His consumption is very low and very low, but my consumption is very high. He will worry that he will inevitably quarrel because of consumption in the future. When he buys a steamed bun, he will see which one is expensive. When I buy cosmetics for hundreds of times, he will bring me milk and breakfast eggs from afar. He will give me what he has every time, and I am used to enjoying the good things given by the people around me. Its a bit numb, so-called touching I dont have any.

The first picture is a joke about making tea and scalding. In fact, it can be seen that he really hurts me. The second picture and the third picture are about my worried life if I go long.

Think of the teachers advice. At present, we two should say that we are different people. But when we are together, I want to have a good time together. But I feel that the difference is too big, and I have to overcome many things in the future.

Cold love reply:

Since you want to be together, Ill show you some bright paths.

However, before you read the following words, I hope you can calm down your mood and pour out the water in the cup before you can read it.

First, give you a cognitive upgrade.

In your mind, you seem to be a high-end person, a high-class person, but in front of you, it seems that he cant.

But I want to tell you: in my eyes, I think he can, but you cant.

Do you know why?

Because he is not only an electrician, but also can do didi and express delivery. He also knows how to cook orchards, raise pigs and raise chickens. People have at least five skills.

And what skills do you have?

Affected by the epidemic, it is likely that in the next two or three months, none of your houses will be sold.

And he, even if its not good to raise pigs and chickens, but the fruit is good to grow! Even if he cant deliver express, he can still be an electrician! His ability to resist risks is relatively strong.

Therefore, from this point of view, people are compound talents, and modesty can be called a slash youth.

So, the standard of your comparison is wrong. If the standard of comparison is wrong, people will naturally feel that they cant.

Second, your consumption outlook needs to be optimized.

You said that his consumption is very low, and your consumption is particularly high. Im afraid that he will quarrel because of the difference of consumption view in the future.

If you think you can afford hundreds of cosmetics with a monthly salary of more than ten thousand, thats OK.

A woman loves beauty, can buy cosmetics she likes, and can be nice to herself. Its no problem at all.

But you should not be in love with the United States at the same time, despise peoples very low consumption.

In fact, people earn no less than you. Maybe they want to save money to buy a house?

You cant wait for someone else to pay for a house. When you dont pay for it, you say, Hey, Ive spent all my money on cosmetics. You have to save your money.?

That other people did. They saved money. Now you dislike their low consumption. Thats not right.

For example, can you double your monthly salary? At that time, if we talked about buying cosmetics, would we be more upright?

A person s view of consumption must match his income and his future life.

In my opinion, the difference of your consumption view is that you, not him, are the people to be optimized.

Third, you said, he took milk and breakfast eggs for me remotely, as soon as he had anything, and I enjoyed the good things given by the people around me, which was a little numb, so I was moved by nothing.

To be honest, I am very sad to see you.

If he knows what you really think, maybe his heart is cold.

Because of what you call the good things that the people around you give you, I want to ask you: whats the idea that the people around you are fighting?

Are those people really nice to you?

Those people are actually bubbles in your life.

When bubbles dissipate, you will see the truth.

The truth is, you are rubbed by those people every day, and your heart may be cocooned, so you wont be moved.

Because you have no way to touch the real things, your heart is not sensitive anymore, which is a sad thing.

In life, there should be those who really know how to cherish, feel and catch the real people around, so as to get the most important touch in life.

Come back to reality, girl.