This love song cant be heard by people with stories. It will make people miss the past

 This love song cant be heard by people with stories. It will make people miss the past

Has become a need

Its not so much boring

Why dont you cry and quarrel with me

When it comes to lyrics of love songs, its hard not to think of Lin Xi.

A talented person in the Chinese Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, who has collected almost all the familiar lyrics of love songs, dominates the whole Chinese music world.

Every love song has its own story. After listening to friends, they will unconsciously miss the past. For example, why bother.

His style is changeable. According to everyones timbre and singing skills, he can write lyrics with different feelings.

Such as Eason Chans deep feelings of depression: better not see, next year today, people coming and going.

Another example is Zhang Guorongs rate sexuality and sexuality: I, a man with a heart and a dragonfly passing by.

Many people say that Lin Xis lyrics always give people an unhealthy gloomy feeling, which is too extreme.

Extreme to a person, a love, even if the loss of life at all.

Its extreme that its hard to accept others for the rest of your life because youve been hurt.

But I dont agree with this evaluation. Its not fair to say that.

Everyones attitude towards emotion is different and has a unique way to deal with it. Maybe in Lin Xis lyrics, what he seeks is not to be open-minded, but to really release his heart.

In Lin Xis lyrics, the most touching part is that his feelings are very heavy, and the longer the time, the thicker the pain.

Even if the past is safe at a glance, but the inside is full of lingering wounds, dull pain.

Its like the poem why bother, which he wrote to Gu Juji.

It seems to blame the other party for disturbing again, but in fact, it still blames itself for not letting go, so it will be shocked by every move of the other party.

Who am I

I used to love you to death

Can such a mistake be repeated

Who knows

Why do you want what youve got

A friend once told me a truth.

Qualified predecessors should be like the evaporation of the world. They can still be friends after breaking up, either not loved or still loved.

This friends name is He Feng, because he has had similar experience, so he has such understanding.

He broke up peacefully with his ex girlfriend. Because of the small friction in their lives, they have different ideas about their families and finally come to the end of love.

After breaking up, he Feng has not entered into the next relationship, because his heart is still nostalgic for his ex girlfriend.

Whenever his ex girlfriend is ill or in trouble, he will feel uneasy.

Girls silent acceptance, let he Feng always feel that the other side is still love their own.

Finally one day, when he summoned up his courage to propose to the girl, another man was standing beside her.

He looked at the smile on the girls face when he had never been with him before, and he knew that his idea was just wishful thinking.

Reluctant to give up

Just leave those who have loved each other alone

Dont twine again.

Its said that its respect for each other to not disturb each other after separation. In fact, its the biggest relief for oneself.

Stained with the past, addicted to memories, and ultimately hurt the most is yourself.

In the end, he Feng held the girl in her hand and gave it to others.

Who can be the same person, die not also have no need, each other make up a knife, once better why bother again.

No matter the memory of the former is beautiful or sad, the ending feelings can only let it go.

Those who leave should be deleted in their memory. The best way to say goodbye is not to disturb them.

Two unsuitable people are like two intersecting rays.

When we are together like glue, we cant separate for a moment, but after crossing the intersection point, the distance will only get farther and farther.

Only if we continue to live according to our own path can we find the line that can coincide with ourselves.