When you are in love, you must break up

 When you are in love, you must break up

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Have you ever had a moment when you were speechless with your partner.

I still remember that I fell in love with a boy a long time ago. When I first met him, I thought he was tall, handsome, and his clothes were very clean. It was my type. Only after chatting with him several times did I find that our hobbies, three outlooks and all aspects were very different.

Once when I went to dinner with him and the waiter served me good food, I used to say thank you. He asked me seriously:

Im very confused. I want to say countless words to make him understand, but I didnt say all my explanations at last, because I immediately realized that this is a very fundamental thing. I can only smile helplessly.

In case of the different language systems, it seems that persuasion and interpretation are of the little significance.

But when I was with that boy, none of them. My desire for expression really decreased too much.

I gradually find that when I turn on my mobile phone, I dont want to say anything to him, even if Im not quarreling with him, not angry with him, even if I feel bored now, even if I know that he will return in seconds.

My desperate moment in love is when I lose my desire to express myself in front of him.

I remember a friend asked me before: do you think hobbies and three views have an impact on the quality of love between two people?

A few years ago, I would have said, theres no strong connection, but after the moment of expression diminishing, I began to think that its hard for you to persuade yourself to go against what you believe or talk about what you dont believe. Its so important to find someone who expresses the same frequency. If you cant find one, its better not to fall in love.

Im older than that boyfriend. When I was faced with the life puzzle of employment and postgraduate entrance examination, he was sad for Ma Yuans closed exam and howled to me, Oh, why not open the exam.. I just thought, how can I talk about my life plan with him? I said that Ive read many posts recently, about which industry to choose for the first job, what kind of company to enter, and the success rate and gold content of college entrance, but he said, relax, then you can choose by mood, No.

Most of the time, I am in a mess because of my work, but his voice is the voice of a game host.

Imagine that the other half always disagrees with you, has no common interest or topic to talk about, and you dont even want to talk nonsense.

When you are with someone who makes you lose your desire to express yourself, it will be a slow exhaustion of sweetness, showing pain and suffering.

Although it seems to be a false proposition to say perfection in a relationship, if it makes me fall in love with the opposite sex who I dont even think of opening his dialog box if I want to say something, I will refuse it.

I used to think that its better to be in love if two people like each other. But the more they grow up, the more they find out that its enough and necessary for me to have something to say.

Its true that we may not find the person who fully understands us all our life and go on all the way. But it is the moment when people lose their desire to express themselves that can separate them from a kind of love and memory. The feelings brought by like suddenly fade at this time.

What a pity.

But the love that has nothing to say cant really talk.

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