People who want to see you really love and love you

 People who want to see you really love and love you

Some people say that at first sight, when you feel happy, dont think about it for a long time.

But I think the most direct response to like a person is to want to see him.

Its like a recent love dinner. I asked her, how much do you like him?

She said, I dont know. But as soon as Im free, I want to talk to him. As soon as Im free, I want to see him. Weve made an appointment for 2 p.m. and Ive been ecstatic since I woke up at 9 a.m. do you think Im crazy?

I sent her a line of lemon. Its not sour enough.

I used to be a very rational person. How can I fall in love like a mentally retarded person? he said

The first time I felt that the holiday was too long when I had a new year holiday, I couldnt wait until the day I came back, she said.

From Henan to Beijing, more than ten hours later, we agreed that he would pick me up at the railway station, but we saw him at the railway station where the station was midway, just to see me earlier.

Finish saying, the meal spreads a girls heart smile, dont mention how sweet it is.

You see, its obviously past the age of listening to love, but when you meet someone you like and do a special thing, you will still be as complacent as a girl.

Theres a problem in knowing: is it stupid to go all the way to see someone?

For those who like each other, of course not. Because if a person likes you, its always a surprise for you to see him at any time, and only when you want to see me can our meeting make sense.

There are too many things in the world that go against your wishes, too many things that leave without notice, too much love that doesnt end, so, if you can, just want to see you every day.

I have seen a story before. The plot sounds like a movie, but it actually happened.

The night before the war, the sailor asked her how to speak Chinese for I love you. She taught him word by word. At last, the sailor said I love you to her and set out.

After many years of fighting, the sailor never came back.

Later, Hui Yinghong talked about it in an interview, saying: when I was 40, I still thought that if he came back to me, I would cry and kiss him and say I love you to him again. If he proposed, I would marry him without hesitation.

Sometimes, things are so impermanent. I thought I could see you every day, but now, even if I see you again, its out of reach.

There is a line in Eason Chans ambush on all sides: it seems that we should have seen it in the morning, but we will miss each other if we go straight through only one smoke wave.

So you see, there are so many regrets in life. Its a lucky thing for people who like to see you.

There is a saying that when I was very young, I thought that the most romantic thing in the world is that one person runs a long way to see another person. Now, too, I want to see you once and hold you tightly.

Before I saw a moving picture, I was very moved: a girl came all the way to see a boy. At the moment when she saw a boy, she immediately released the suitcase in her hand, ran fast and jumped into the boys arms. The boy also held the girl tightly and circled in situ. It was self-evident that she was happy and joyful.

Love is like this, it is not specific, but as long as you appear, love is you.

Yesterday, a wine friend told me that I like someone very much, but I cant get close to him. I can only like him silently. Thinking of him, I feel that I have become soft. If I can see him often, I will be very happy.

To be honest, love or not can be seen at a glance.

Like a person is not hidden, even if you cover your mouth will run out of your eyes, I dont know how much I like you, but if I come to see you, I will run.

So those who have already held hands must not let go of each others hands. She is hurt all over, and she has traveled thousands of miles, tired of searching, just to meet you.

What you can do is to love her well and live up to her. On a special day in the future, hold her hand and offer your guests wine.

Qian Zhongshu wrote in Fortress Besieged that meeting once can make the days before and after meeting light and become a good day.

Yes, as long as its to see you, happy mood will be pulled for a long time.

Some time ago, the love between Zhang Jiani and Mai Chao was envied by many people. She didnt want to fall in love. He said that when you want to fall in love, tell me. When she is alone at home, he will try all kinds of ways to meet her. After each meeting, he is planning the next meeting.

Love is like this, the principle is more than I like. You have your plan, I have my purpose, because I like you, all I do is want to be with you.

Maybe you have experienced a passionate love, a dull experience, and occasionally face turning. You say you want him to go, but in fact, you want him to stay. Compared with the beauty you can see when you open your eyes, what else counts.

In fact, the most beautiful words in feelings are not only I like you, I love you, but also see you tomorrow.

Maybe in the dark days, when I see the person I like see you tomorrow, my whole world suddenly lights up, and then the waiting also becomes sparkling.

People are born lonely, but as long as there are people who want to see, they are no longer alone. So, if I love you very much, I must want to see you at the first sight when I wake up.

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