Five things you cant do with someone you like

 Five things you cant do with someone you like


Its a joy to be with someone you like.

Some things do not do well, like it may also be separated.

In particular, the following five things need special attention and avoidance in intimate relationships.


Dont find security in people you like

Some people say that I dont have a sense of security, just find someone who has a sense of security.

Its true that people with a sense of security have a long-term love. Even in the event of conflict, they are tolerant and easy to communicate.

When you are with such a person, you will feel reliable and trustworthy, and you will experience what time is like.

So its important to find someone who has a sense of security.

But if you dont feel secure, the other person wont make your situation worse at best, but dont expect others to cure you.

Because once you put your own safety needs on others, you will pay special attention to each others every move.

If the other party is satisfied, its OK. If theres a bit of unhappiness, youll turn over the river and fall into the sea. You cant help but do it, make trouble and control it.

The final result is either to force the person you like to run, or to drive the person you like crazy.

In fact, there is only one way to have a sense of security, that is to give it to yourself.

Trust inspires each other. When you can continuously give trust to others, you will naturally gain more trust. With more experience, your inner security will naturally be rich.

These, all need you to do, to work hard, no one can give, even your closest people.

Dont always talk about your ex with someone you like

In love, there are many taboo topics.

Some people love to talk about their predecessors.

For example, when I meet something, I like to say what my ex boyfriend / girlfriend did or said.

Some people are very inquisitive about their predecessors.

The reason why the topic of predecessors is taboo is that such a thing is like playing with fire, which is easy to play off.

If not, it could be a war.

Love is a matter of two people. Its better not to involve other people, even in spirit.

So, unless you really dont think about it, try not to talk about your ex, no matter who it is.


Dont get too close to the other members of the opposite sex

Its not a problem for young people nowadays to have strong heterosexual friends.

The question is, how to grasp this balance.

There are a lot of people. When they meet something, they first go to their friends of the opposite sex to discuss it.

If a loved one is upset, they say:

Just pure friends.

Its not what you think.

Even if the relationship is really pure, it is not mature.

Different from other relationships, emotion has strong possessiveness and exclusiveness.

Being too close to others is a psychological stimulation and threat to the lover.

If you cant handle it properly, it may happen.


Dont talk about breaking up easily

In a relationship, some things are addictive.

Like breaking up.

I sent you wechat, but I didnt reply for half a day. Break up!

I cant even coax people. Break up!

How dare you shout at me, break up!

Breaking up with more words will become an instinctive reaction, and cant help but say it when there is a contradiction.

Usually, people who love to say goodbye are more anxious about their intimate relationship.

On the one hand, they want to love, on the other hand, they dont believe that someone will really love themselves, so they cant help but test and confirm by saying goodbye.

But the problem is, the breakup said much, the other side is easy to go mad.

Mature feelings need a long-term commitment. No matter what problems they encounter, they can keep each other.

For a long time, disappointment will gradually turn into despair, and then die completely.

Those who love to say goodbye, most of the fate is really break up, their own achievements.


Dont keep silent

For example, when two people quarrel, TA will not go hysterical, but walk away in silence.

To be honest, this is a good thing and can avoid the escalation of contradictions.

If you keep silent, it will become a problem.

When two people have nothing to say, their feelings are close to breaking up.

To avoid such a problem, we need to change the way we deal with it.

For example, when you are angry, you can keep silent for a while and avoid it properly.

But understand that you really need to stay away from negative emotions, not the problem itself.

After calming down, we still need to make up the communication lesson.

What do you think, how do I think;

What kind of feeling do you have? What kind of experience do I have;

These still need to be said and the knot resolved.

In this way, we can solve the problems in a reasonable time, rather than accumulate them, until the end.

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