I have told the players that I will stay even if Manchester City fall into the second division

 I have told the players that I will stay even if Manchester City fall into the second division

I will be here even if they bring us down to class B. At this moment, we must be united. The sun revealed guashuais speech at the meeting. The Post said city players were generally in high spirits after the meeting and were optimistic about the teams prospects. Soriano, the clubs CEO, had planned to go skiing. He cancelled the arrangement temporarily and attended the team meeting.

In addition to the in team meetings, city officials also held individual interviews with key players to persuade them to stay. Currently, sterling has been the first to say that he will not leave when the team is in crisis. It has been said that Real Madrid will spend money to buy Sterling this summer, but sterling is not interested. The Post said the rest of citys players are in a stable mood and are watching the situation develop.

The post also pointed out that city CEO Soriano sent an internal email to all the staff, making it clear: we are sure to win. Manchester City have strongly denied UEFAs allegations and will appeal to the International Court of arbitration. In an email to players and staff, soliano stressed: we have to realize that this is definitely not the end. There are still many things in the future. We believe that there will be a fair and independent result, and we will win.

City have asked staff to be quiet on social media and not to speak for the time being. Manchester City hope the players dont panic, things have a big turn. Sky sports reporter Kaveh solhekol believes Manchester City have a chance to overturn the ban because they have more money than UEFA.

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Source: Netease sports Author: Feng Guoxiang editor in charge: Feng Haotian and nsjs2656