Guizhou men have nothing to do at home to catch two wild civets

 Guizhou men have nothing to do at home to catch two wild civets

At present, there are still people committing crimes against the wind! The police of the police station rushed to Qinggang village immediately. After analyzing and judging the existing clues and conducting a large number of visits and investigations, they finally blocked Hus home and captured him. At the same time, they seized two kinds of hunters and wild animals.

After interrogation, Hu told him that he had nothing to do at home because of the outbreak of the epidemic, so he wanted to go to the mountain to have some game with his own hunting equipment for a taste. It installed the hunter in the woods of Houshan mountain, captured two wild animals civet cats by illegal means, and then killed and eaten them by itself. When police admonished him that killing wild animals was illegal and highly contagious, Hu said he was very guilty and regretful.

At present, the case is under further processing.

According to the police, the environment in which wild animals live is relatively complex. The pathogens of many diseases spread and spread in the process of hunting, transporting, feeding, slaughtering, storing, processing and eating wild animals, resulting in the occurrence of various infectious diseases.

In the face of epidemic situation, whether from the perspective of law, ethics, health or harmony between human and nature, we should reflect: we must put an end to hunting and selling wild animals! We must refuse to eat wild animals, starting from you and me!

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