The love you once envied

 The love you once envied

We are all eager to meet a perfect love

But love has thousands of forms,

What is the best love?

Some people think its the memory of youth

Some people think its a solemn promise when they get married

Some people think its middle age

Some people think its the hand of an old man, to grow old with his son

Some people think its rose and red wine. Its a romantic sense of ceremony

Some people think its rough tea and light rice, its a long life


We often envy what others have, but forget that what we have is also a limited edition.

There is a sentence that can perfectly describe the appearance of good love:

The best love, once my eyes were full of light when I looked at you, then these can be projected on myself, making me a more shining and complete me, and you happen to be the same.

May we all meet the man who has cut through the thorns together

If not, love yourself is the beginning of lifelong romance.

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