On the most classic 23 single states, his children you do not support

 On the most classic 23 single states, his children you do not support

A friend said that TA was at home and had been talking to the cat for several days.

Finally understand that February 14 is to tell you that February, you are isolated at home for 14 days!

Being single is also very good. Open the previous inventory and find out 23 single life and mental states. What you think, dare not think, dare not do are included in it.

1. If you want to get married, get married. If you want to be single, stay single. You will regret it in the end. (Bernard Shaw)

3. Now young people, even hand is cloud, see beautiful girl astringent picture, send a rush, OK, its finished, are too lazy to implement, its strange.

4. Single for a long time, there is always a feeling of being single for a lifetime.

5. Now a lot of game money lottery to a certain extent must be won, and your game character will not be angry with you; can chase girls, but never progress bar, you spend money, you should be angry or angry.

7. Why are you single? Because single is more focused, single makes people progress

9. Being single is different from being single. Choosing to be single is a way of life. Being single after being dumped is a tragedy of life.

10. Its good to be single. If you want to be single, you can be good.

Being single is not guilty, but being in love is shameful.

11. If you like a woman, just tell her that she will promise to be with you right away. I have never failed in this way. (Chris Evans said I didnt)

13. If a man insists on being single, people will think that he has career aspirations; if a woman insists on being single, people will think that she has problems.

14. If a woman has been single for a long time, it depends on who he is; if a man has been single for a long time, it depends on who he is.

16. A single dog will think that the second half price is lonely, a single pig will not, he can drink two alone.

17. Single dog does not mean a single person, but a dog like person who is unwilling to be lonely. Where there is a bed, there is not necessarily love, but as long as there is love, there are beds everywhere.

18. Its never wrong to be single. Whats wrong is to find someone to make do without being single. Then although not single, but more lonely. (CC)

19. In fact, being single doesnt mean you dont know love. Being single is much wiser than falling in the wrong love. In other words, if love makes you less happy than when you are single, then why end being single?

20. You are a single dog. I am a single dog. Dont we or we. There are breeds of dogs. Being single is being single. I dont see where the aristocrats are!

21. If you are single for a long time, you will not want to fall in love, and you will feel more and more important to your friends; if you are single for a long time, you will not want to go shopping, and you will more and more like listening to songs at home; if you are single for a long time, you will become mature, and you will love your parents more and more than before; if you are single for a long time, you will buy a lot of shoes, and you will travel far away alone; if you are single for a long time When its over, youll cry quietly and casually. It doesnt matter what youre going to do in front of people.

22. Being single is not terrible. Whats terrible is that being married is more lonely than being single

She doesnt like licking dogs, but she likes the feeling of licking dogs. And I am one of the dogs.

Youre a good person.

MD, this high-speed rail is really shaking! (tiger pounce Classic)

You dont support his children.

Early ~

Good night.

[at the end

Seriously, in fact, no matter where you are, if you want to have a companion, you must take good care of yourself first.

The so-called love themselves, and then have the ability to love others. If I dont take myself as a root onion, maybe I will be alone in my life.

When we are single, we occasionally envy lovers, and when we are in love, we occasionally envy freedom. Sometimes its good to be single, and often envy others to be in pairs. Before love, I think its not good to be single and love is beautiful; after love, I think its good to be single and love is boring.

In fact, they are all normal.

The two warmest words a woman can give a man are I know, and the two warmest words a man can give a woman are I am.

But frankly speaking, modern people are relatively more selfish and value interests. For the sake of superficial appearance marriage and bad actual personality, there are many people. The mutual assistance and complementarity in the early years also complements the responsibility and interests.

Compared with the parents time, the family is often three or five children. Up to the present post-80s and post-90s, most of the only children, and the children of uncles family, are far less than friends. As a result, the relative responsibility distribution becomes more and more heavy, and small couples need to take care of 2-4 elders. At the thought that its too late to support ones own family, how can one feel free to marry?

So, salary can support oneself, oneself loan buys a small house, want to empty oneself after work. It seems that its 100 times better than seeing the family affairs and taking care of the children when I open the door. Thats why fertility is getting lower and lower.

We are more and more aware of enjoying. Even if the salary is not high and the job is hard to find, but looking around, there are still many people with famous brand bags (whether true or false), everyones iPhone Huawei mate, and netred high-end restaurant just cant book positions. It is for consumption upgrading.

In fact, this is the way to love yourself. How easy is it to pay only one persons money by enjoying and treating yourself well?! Take a lie in at the weekend and start the days work in the afternoon. Its a way to make yourself comfortable. You can still live to heaven without looking at your face.

The so-called true love should be pursued by oneself is not really the same as Huachi and spoony. The so-called pursuit is to prepare yourself, enrich yourself, and attract people of the same taste to approach, so as not to encounter some strange rotten peach blossom or even cause trouble.

Wendelin van draannan said in heartthrob that some people live in high-rise buildings, some are in deep ditches, some are bright, some are rusty, there are thousands of people in the world. Dont ask for the floating clouds. If people are like rainbow, they will know when they meet above.

In the epidemic era, it is more important to love yourself first than anything else.

Sorry, Valentines day. Its a western festival. Its just a northern one!

Finally, Id like to make a list of the most suitable photos for singles. I hope you like them.

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