Valentines day in 2020

 Valentines day in 2020

(the above content is fictitious, except for the single dog part!)

Producer: quyi

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (function () {(window.slotbydup=window.slotbydup||[]).Push ({id: u5811557, container: ssp_5811557, async:true}); (Planning): Planning: Liu Xiao Nan design: Ma Cong, Song Kaiqi, Zhang Yiwen, new reading crown, pneumonia: it is not the virus that killed you, it is the immune system of runaway immunity, China has a relaxed moment: Valentines day must take pictures skills, you deserve it. ! Source: relaxed moment studio editor: Liu Xiaonan, nbj10630

Planned by: Liu Xiaonan

Design: Ma Cong, song Kaiqi, Zhang Chuanwen