This hospital is the pride of 83 million Sichuan people!

 This hospital is the pride of 83 million Sichuan people!

How precious is it to Sichuan people?

This is a comment from West China Hospital in a tiktok video.

When you are in huaxizhi, just wait for your health to go home. You cant live more if you want.

Seeing this comment, I almost burst into tears.

Take a look at the comments of Zhihus netizens:

To be honest, Im sour.

What kind of hospital in the world can Sichuan people trust so much?

How fast is Huaxi?

What is Huaxi speed?

Sichuan people get up quickly, even afraid of themselves.

Information release is fast.

Novel coronavirus was not known in January 20th, but the official account of the public was pushed to prevent it.

And attached are the addresses of 197 fever clinics in Chengdu.

This article alone has covered hundreds of thousands of people. Comment areas have said, eat a reassuring pill..

Medical support is fast.

From January 25, Huaxi Hospital launched 24-hour emergency response, providing free online consultation for more than 670 hospitals across the country.

On January 31, the electronic version of the new coronavirus public psychological protection manual compiled by Huaxi Hospital was officially released.

This is the first psychological protection book for the new coronavirus in China.

Not only fighting in the rescue line, but also the mental health of the whole nation.

Is this Huaxi lovely?

On February 2, the second medical team of West China Hospital arrived in Wuhan.

On February 5, Huaxi Hospital published the first book on online prevention and control of epidemic situation in China

A novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control online mode.

The electronic version is released simultaneously and is free to hospitals, medical staff and the masses at all levels.

Hospitals all over the country are hands and feet.

I Huaxi learned it first. Ill teach you all.

This is undoubtedly a reference book for the national anti epidemic.

At 12:00 on February 7, West China hospital sent another 131 medical staff to help Wuhan.

After all, Huaxi is the king of Southwest China!

02 national level, world-class Huaxi

Among those who went to Wuhan for support, there were not only elite backbones in various fields, but also a group of medical personnel who had experienced SARS medical rescue.

Dr. Liang Zongan is a director of respiratory department. He is also a veteran who fought against SARS in 2003.

After being sent to Wuhan, he made a hot search for the interpretation of the epidemic.

When the epidemic broke out, Huaxi Hospital was the medical team in front of it, and also a solid fortress for emergency rescue.

This is not the first time Huaxi has been so NB.

North Xiehe, South Xiangya, East Qilu, West Huaxi

When it comes to Concorde, there are famous Beijing Concorde hospital and Wuhan Concorde hospital in the front line of fighting the epidemic.

The word Concord means peace of mind.

What we dont know is that the predecessor of West China Hospital of Sichuan University is West China Union Medical College.

But its not the name that can reassure Sichuan people, but the excellent medical strength of Huaxi Hospital.

Huaxi Hospital is a National Center for the diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critical cases in Western China and the first comprehensive single point hospital in the world.

Sichuan students told me that people in Sichuan had a minor illness and were treated in a nearby hospital.

If you are seriously ill, the first thing you think about is Huaxi.

As a member of the national team, Huaxi Hospital ranked second in the Chinas best hospitals list for five consecutive times.

In the 2018 Global Hospital list released by the international academic journal Nature, Huaxi ranked first in China and 56th in the world.

The best Department of Huaxi Hospital is anesthesiology.

In other words, one out of every 20 anesthesiologists in China has received training in West China.

No wonder my anesthesiologist friend is obviously from Beijing, but he prefers rabbit noodles, pot chicken, Dandan noodles, string incense

Of course, what Sichuan people are most proud of is that Huaxi has repeatedly created a miracle in the history of world major disaster medical rescue.

Students from the West China Medical Center of Sichuan University came to the command center for SARS prevention and control.

On May 12, 2008, Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake occurred.

For 80 seconds, no patient was left behind.

That afternoon, Huaxi Hospital completed more than 30 ongoing operations.

During the Wenchuan earthquake rescue, the West China hospital received 2779 patients and completed 1457 operations, with a mortality rate of only 1.57%.

Huaxi is the hospital with the largest number of patients, the largest number of critical patients, the largest number of operations and the lowest mortality rate.

In the Yushu earthquake in 2010, West China hospital immediately organized a medical team to rush to the disaster area for rescue, receiving 107 seriously injured people, setting a medical record of zero death.

In April 2015, a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 occurred in Nepal, and the West China medical team gathered again to go to Nepal for medical rescue.

China is always well protected by the bravest of them. these brave people are the medical workers who help the wounded and the dead.

03 the most net red and hard core of Huaxi

To say that the medical network red, Huaxi said second, no one dare to say first.

Even if the medical strength is strong, I have never seen a hospital that engages in new media.

Huaxi Hospital calls itself Pixie.

Open the official account, the painting style?

Even if the painting style is strange, look at the expression bag he used

Many fans left a message saying that they would steal facial expression bags from Pixie every week!

Remind everyone to keep nutrition balanced?

Dispel a rumor milk to drink much kidney stone?

Dont believe and spread rumors?

Anti epidemic at home?

How to wash hands and disinfect?

If I dont see it with my own eyes, I dont believe its an official account of the hospital.

A small voice comparison in the medical field

To be reasonable, Ive never seen a medical student whose emoticon bag is playing better than me.

Not only trump 6, but trump is quite down to earth.

So, Sichuan doll is listening to the voice when reading the article.

Everyone is official account. Why can you voice?

Look at the tweet data again. Its 10W +.

Comment area hundreds of compliments and comments.

I can laugh all day just watching these messages.

Up to 85 years old, down to take the article to refute the son of adversity, between the lines are the love of Pixie.

I just want to say why Sichuan people are so happy?

The giant panda belongs to you. Now even this kind of immortal hospital belongs to you!

Im too sour! Im so pissed off, Im so pissed off, Im so pissed off!

Whats more, now even the medical students come to grab the jobs of new media people.

Pixixi is active in various platforms, not only benefiting Sichuan people, but also popularizing medical knowledge to the whole Chinese people.

The voice of the detachment was tiktok 8.3w, and the expression bag was a broken leg.

Even the students in school are so excellent that the medical students who are not funny are not good painters.

Cowhide! Tamping!

WeChat official account on hard core science:

Trump, you can see the giant panda tiktok everyday.

Even kneading Baba

Publishing books, large-scale fans meeting (free clinic), going out of the neighborhood, giving fans lottery and Welfare

If Huaxis medical students want to change careers, the advertising companys high salary door is open to you at any time.

Twitter, Pixie is down.

Previously, in order to recruit hair loss volunteers, topics were organized on Weibo.

In just one day, more than 8000 people signed up for hair loss volunteers, and even went on a hot search.

Would you like to ask if you still sell hair care solution, can you give me a bottle?

The doctors at West China University are serious and charming.

This outbreak, they automatically petition, rushed to help Wuhan.

The boys shaved their heads and the girls subtracted their long hair.

Western Chinese medical students of Sichuan University created their own song herosin white to cheer for Wuhan.

In the first medical support team of West China Hospital, a member of the medical team didnt even see his grandmother died in order to help Wuhan.

We can only rely on images to remember and mourn our dearest family members.

I hope all Chinese youth will get rid of the cold air and just go up without listening to the words of those who abandon themselves.

Can do things, can make a voice.

There is a heat, a minute of light, so that the general firefly, but also in the dark to send a little light, do not have to wait for the torch.

There are such a group of young people in Huaxi,

They radiate light and heat in ordinary posts.

They are the treasure of Sichuan people.

Sichuan has them, China has them, we are lucky!

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