Even if there are many wars outside, at least you can hug each other uff5e| Little Women

 Even if there are many wars outside, at least you can hug each other uff5e| Little Women

Today, I recommend Little Women which is super suitable for Valentines day and girls. Because of the abundant time in my house, I not only reread the novel, but also complete the 2019 film version, the 2017 BBC Mini drama and the 1994 film version in one go.

The 1994 version of the heroine is the most beautiful of the three. She and Lauries childhood are the best. Lauries confession is like a fairyland;

The 2017 version is the most soothing and healing, and the music is also very pleasant. Its like reading a novel. Lauries falling in love with Amy is very beautiful. A young man who wants to forget his pain by living a dissolute life after falling in love is hit by the feeling of being hit by a blow.

This can also solve many peoples puzzles. Why does it seem that the second before he swore to Qiao Xin that he would be with her forever? This second he began to flirt with her sister. There is a time difference between mens and womens understanding of love;

2019 version is fast-paced, with the most lively tone, and the clothes are really good-looking

What I like most is the period when Joe is bargaining with the publisher for his little woman. She is quite a modern female elite in the workplace. Her eyes are bright, pure and straightforward, but she can defend her due rights and interests.

The long-lasting story of the little woman is more and more in line with the trend of the times. The story is rich in plots and less and less preaching. No one likes to be guided. Everyone likes to see the equal sharing of fun things

Originally, she didnt rank first among the four sisters. However, the determination in Qiaos eyes has never changed. She is confident and optimistic. Her vision for tomorrow is always attractive.

Well, lets talk about this story briefly, and then recommend you to see it in person. Its really super suitable for the house to taste slowly

It happened during the American Civil War. In an ordinary small house, there are four poor but happy sisters.

Meg, the eldest, is beautiful and generous. Although she often preaches to her three younger sisters, she is only 16 years old. She is a little girl looking forward to becoming lady. When she grows up, she can put on the most beautiful skirt and go to the social dance. Its exciting to think about it;

Qiao, the second child, was like a little boy. She didnt envy any elegant lady. If she was born a man, she would surely follow her father to serve the motherland in the army!

She likes to write stories best, and often takes her stories to the attic stage of her family, and organizes the four sisters to play the characters in the play respectively, which makes her have a lot of fun;

The third Beth is a lovely baby. Her gentle and kind personality is just a little angel, which is loved by the whole family. She likes playing the piano most, but she is poor at home. There is only one old and old piano, which can produce sound, but the sound quality is not good;

The youngest is Amy. Shes a little coquettish and pretentious. After all, shes the youngest. Shes always loved and protected. She is not just a little troublemaker, she likes painting, if only she could be a painter when she grows up!

(the 94 version of Amy is the most suitable age for the original work. Its a little girl with a strange spirit. When she grows up, she changes an actor to play a love play.)

Their father was a chaplain in the army, a little like a psychotherapist now;

There is also a nanny Hannah in charge of taking care of the girls. Although her father is away from home, she has worked hard. Under the wings of her mother and Hannah, the childrens life is simple and simple, but also warm and friendly.

On Christmas day during the war, four girls are grieving for the lack of gifts this year. They comfort each other, at least we have each other.

The good mother is helping the poorer family. The girls even give the long-awaited Christmas breakfast to the family. The window is windy, and a widow pulls several young children. She cant eat enough and wear warm.

It was the first time they had witnessed human suffering. Compared with starving, the beautiful clothes, new books, music scores or brushes they wanted were just luxury.

Laurie, the neighbors grandson, was a teenager of the same age as Joe. He was attracted to Joe from the beginning.

Joe is different from the other girls he knows. She has messy hair like a boy, but she is always brave and decisive. Although she is stubborn and irascible, she is lovely in the moment of reconciliation.

Lao Li, a childhood sweetheart, fell in love with Joe, but Joe always regarded him as his own brother who lived next door.

Laurie confessed to Joe that she was shocked. She thought the happy days could go on forever. Who knows that Laurie had grown up first, and her love had just begun.

Unable to respond to the sentiment, she decided to go to New York to see the world.

She met all kinds of people there. Whats more, she can sell her stories to the newspaper office to make money. Its really good for her to live on her own!

At the same time, Beth, her sister at home, was getting weaker and weaker because of scarlet fever.

After receiving the letter about Beth, Joe quickly returned to his hometown and showed his sister the sea with the money he earned from writing stories in New York. Because at that time, people believed that as long as they went to the sunny seaside for recuperation and vacation, they would become healthy.

However, Beth is too weak to be saved by the sun. It is Beth who knows this best.

Sisters have launched a new life, the elder sister married love, life is not rich but warm; the second sister bravely into the metropolis, to pursue their own dream of writers; the youngest sister also went to Europe to travel and learn painting.

Only Beth herself stayed in the home she had loved since she was a child. She had a loving father and a loving mother. But how good is it to live like this?

Now the disease has taken away her healthy body, not even the only little happiness for her, she has been thinking about others for a short life, why in the end is this end?

Without Beth, Joe took another hit. Laurie was rejected by her and met Amy again in Europe. They fell in love.

From Lauries point of view, Amy is just a girl running behind Joe. After a long separation, she suddenly grows into a big girl, no longer a little sister.

Joe thought Laurie would love her for life as he swore. Who knows that next time we meet, we will become brother-in-law!

You see, men cant be trusted. Even when they are young, they are always in love with each other.

If she did propose again, she would refuse. After all, both her parents and MEG chose the one they love, not to marry for money or anything else.

Because she had long planned not to take the road of marriage.

As long as she has the ability to support herself, a girl can also live a natural life. She has the career and dream she wants to pursue, writing and setting up a school. These two things are enough for her to struggle for a lifetime. What is it without love?

In the 2019 version of the film, what I enjoy most is to integrate the authors own experience into the story.

At the time of the authors creation and publication, the public liked the happy ending of Prince and princess live together happily. In fact, the author didnt choose this common way.

The new version of the movie is a little jokingly using the sudden change of the painting and the slightly exaggerated acting skills to distinguish the ending that caters to the public. Its a little cute different from the real life.

Originally, the key to whether marriage or not is in line with the mainstream trend is personal choice. The minority is not always weak, and the majority is not always mainstream.

I can live happily without marriage. Compared with married but unhappy, of course, I prefer happiness

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