Valentines Day: in todays circle of friends, what else can you do besides bask in love?

 Valentines Day: in todays circle of friends, what else can you do besides bask in love?

Its better to look around on the Internet. You can see a lot of interesting things. First of all, Xiao Zhans studio. The welfare of four million fans is Xiao Zhans singing and dancing of Stefanie Suns magic in the studio version. Xiao Zhans idol is Stefanie Sun, who often plays the songs of idols. At that time, Xiao Zhan, who took photos with his idol, looked like a child. Lets take a look at Wang Yibo, who is on the cover of an important magazine today. Find the opportunity and write slowly. Seeing such excellent Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo, I am ashamed of my tiredness. OK, well correct it tomorrow.

This morning, I saw Yang Zis love breakfast on her personal social platform. However, Yang Zi said for the first time that it was Yangs father who made it for Yangs mother. As their baby daughter, she is still single. This Valentines day, watching parents show their love or happy. These ten days, basically eat very casually. The point is, the old habit is called fast food. Now? Mainly dare not. Its also very troublesome to go to the gate of the community. Armed, Im not sure if I can get it back. So, bear it - the epidemic will pass quickly!

My mother doesnt make friends very much. I havent seen her for more than ten years. Im so worried about it. How about that? For the first time, I felt how inconvenient it would be without my own car. Look, Ill buy a car one day. Mainly every time I go home, I dont have a good place to park. In short, this is not good, that is not good. I really want to send a circle of friends, but I dont know who says what. I remember Wang Yibo said that overtime is not a circle of friends. Who cares? However, I think peoples circle of friends is very interesting. I dont like it very much. Watch it quietly.


In the past, the most popular circle of friends was eating, drinking and playing. During holidays, more colleagues will choose long-distance and short-distance travel. Then send photos, show how good the day is now. This year cant be, even today is Valentines Day is very restrained. Some of my friends send out a love dinner. Most of them are family members, and there is no candlelight or red wine for dinner. A simple family, a meal to show a face. Although, you will think that this has what can bask in. But people are happy, people are happy. I like it. Thats good.


Of course, there are also some heartless chicken soup. I know that more people are not physically hurt, but psychological repression can be imagined. What do you worry about? Paid holidays. But what we should do is inevitable. The more we stack up, the more difficult it is to finish. It can be seen everywhere, and free learning courses can be found on various websites. Besides, winter will pass, spring will come and so on. Listen, its not exciting. At the very least, everyone is encouraging each other. This Valentines Day is very human.


Look forward to Valentines day next year. Hope, I also have the opportunity to bask in happiness and show my love.