If you want a car, you can exchange it with a copper basin. behind the absurd exchange is the endless grievances of divorced women

 If you want a car, you can exchange it with a copper basin. behind the absurd exchange is the endless grievances of divorced women

Friend, I also suddenly have no desire to talk, afraid of being rejected.

I am a little afraid to get along with people now. Apart from going to work, I am staying at home alone and addicted to online novels and shopping. Not interested in what to do!

Ive been married for 15 years, without children. Now I have a house and a deposit, but I feel like I have nothing! After my ex husband moved out, he didnt want to contact me. Then, through my sister, he told me that he wanted a car. He said that he left the house clean and left all his cash deposits to me.

But the reality is:

He wants to go to a flat in the center of the city. Hes paying off the loan, but I sold the pre marriage welfare house and got together with him to make a down payment;

He didnt tell me about the money in his passbook for several years. The so-called cash deposit is my own salary and the principal of financial management;

The house I live in now is bought after marriage. 90% of the furniture is bought by me. The other side has been reluctant to pay for a big one.

And my sister even called me to say that she gave him the car. I cant drive. The reason why I left the car is that when his mother left, he took away the copper basin that his aunt sent us when we were married. This is the only thing I got from his family when I married him. I asked him to change the car with a basin. His mother refused to give it. Wearing the clothes I bought for her, she scolded me for the most vicious words I had ever heard in my life.

Cold love reply:

For this story, if we are lost in the details, it will not help not only the questioner, but also all readers.

If we focus on where the copper basin has gone, you let the other party take the basin to change the car, and the other party firmly refuses to give it.

Is this basin a heirloom? Is it a cornucopia?

If we want to be persistent in these details, we can never make progress. We must learn to focus on the big and let go of the small.

What is big?

First of all, we need to see the pattern and the basic chart.

What kind of basic set are you now?

This is a basic plate called betrayal.

Your sister was supposed to help you, but why did she call you to give him the car?

Maybe its because your sister thinks its ridiculous to change cars in pots.

Your father should be the one who loves you. Why is he impatient with you now? Even you use extremely impatient to describe it?

Because its really annoying.

Let alone your father, your negative energy can already overflow from this screen.

If your eyes are always on these trivial things, you will never understand your basic plate.

You need to understand first that your current basic plan is to betray all the people!

Why did your ex husband and her mother stay away from you and dont want to contact you?

Why are your father and your sister impatient with you?

At this time, shouldnt we reflect on some of our possible problems?

Send you a message: when you think everyone is wrong, it is likely that you are wrong.

How to find the right way?

To be honest, the house you are guarding and the money you are guarding will not fall out of the sky.

Its like whether you go to school or to class, or ask a professional consultant to help you, you need to spend a little money on personal growth, which is the nourishment for yourself.

On the way of relationship growth, you need professional people to help you, which is the simplest truth.

If you can walk all the way by yourself, what do you need to do with professionals?

If you can learn a lot of things by reading some information on the Internet, then all schools will not open.

Your mood is like rain all the time. This may be where your father and sister cant help you.

If possible, find a professional person to help you pour out the bitter water inside.

Change the money you spend on shopping for a little experience. The pus in the wound must be squeezed out before it can scar.

Why do many people want to spend money on goods and shopping? Because objects are visible.

But what really makes people grow is experience, which is invisible and intangible.

To help you turn your attention from material wealth to spiritual wealth is the significance of our column.

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