Everything is not right, but I love you

 Everything is not right, but I love you

This Valentines Day is a little unusual.

Because of the outbreak, many couples were forced to separate. Some are very close, but they are also very difficult to meet.

There are doctors, nurses and staff fighting in the front line of anti epidemicu2014u2014

On February 4, Chen Ying, a nurse from the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University Medical College, finally met her boyfriend after 11 days in the isolation ward. They kissed each other through glasses and masks. They were going to register today, but the sudden outbreak disrupted their plan. They agreed that as soon as the epidemic ended and she came out of the hospital, the first thing was to get her license.

On February 11, a nurse in the new crown isolation ward department didnt go home for more than ten days. Her husband was a policeman of the traffic police brigade, and had been working at the epidemic control point for more than ten days. They could only see one side of the building inside and outside the isolation ward through the glass.

I lived with my girlfriend for more than half a month (@ Fu Hao)

I went to my girlfriends house for the new year. When I came home too far away, the tickets during the Spring Festival were very expensive. I got 5000 yuan back and forth, so I could save money if I didnt go back. Secondly, my parents didnt want me to go back so much, and I could go to my girlfriends house for the spring Festival, which means they were recognized. They were happy.

Originally, I asked for two days of annual leave and went two days earlier. As a result, I was informed that I was working at home in those two days. I asked for leave in vain.

I didnt expect that the longer the vacation.

Two weeks a week, two and a half weeks.

Its good to get along with each other day and night. Every day I feel that my lazy nature gradually revealed, I dont know if her parents have found out.

But I also have gains. After all, everyone basically shows the most real side in front of their parents.

I especially agree with that point of view. Its important to be tolerant of each others shortcomings if you can love the advantages for a long time.

Ive seen it. I think its OK.

Trapped at home, full-time dad forced to work (@ a grain of sand)

I have been working in Beijing, in an Internet company. My hometown is Wuhan.

This year, I took my wife and children home to see my parents. I didnt expect to encounter such a thing. At that time, I also saw some news, but after a bit of tangle, I came back, but I wore a mask on the way.

After all, its only once a year. Mom and dad have arranged all the meals for us in these days.

I didnt expect to be stuck at home.

For more than ten days, I havent been out of the door, so I drove out to buy a dish at the beginning.

The company is back to work, but its all telecommuting. Many colleagues have returned to Beijing, but I still cant go back for the time being. Im staying at home.

Im usually very busy at work. I start at 11 oclock after work at night. My wife and children sleep when I get home. She has grievances in her heart. She cant even say a few words a day, but she also supports understanding me. I look at her and feel sad, but there is no way.

For a long time, there will be quarrels, misunderstandings, and seven inches of each other.

Not to mention taking children, its basically her.

Its the first time that youve felt the difficulty of taking your child in a three-dimensional way for such a long time. When are you going to have a video conference there, the child will run up and down behind you uncontrollably, whistling and asking you: Dad, when will you play with me.

For the first time, I felt the sense of security brought by family and the strong sense of community of common destiny between them.

Long way, we are each others support and belief.

There are old people and small middle-aged crises and difficulties. Fortunately, you are still around.

Today, I put on a pretense and sent her a wechat message: today is not suitable, but I love you.

I still dont mean to say it face to face. Programmers, please understand.

I sent a pack of masks to my ex girlfriend (@ Xiaohe)

Im a coward. Ive been paying attention to this since it came out. On the 16th holiday of the company, I bought a pack of masks at the drugstore in front of the door in advance and didnt take them off the high-speed rail.

Later, when I got home, I didnt feel at ease. I placed another hundred orders on Taobao.

Tell my parents they dont take it seriously. As a result, after a few days, reliable masks cant be bought.

Then the main task in those days was to persuade my parents to wear masks and wash their hands when they came back.

Later, I saw that my ex girlfriend said that she couldnt buy a mask in the circle of friends, so I was haunted A package was sent to her.

I have to say that people can do anything when they are free.

At the beginning of the quarrel, we broke up. In fact, it didnt seem to matter to us later. But we all valued dignity and face more than life. We cant love, but we cant lose.

After the break-up, Ive been at home in a single cycle of back off by Zhou Dong. I know you and I are not wrong, but I forget how to back off. I think its too right.

The quarrel is the mood comes up, once the mood is over, I just remember her well.

Its pretty unproductive. I think that if she is around, now this kind of stay at home day, it wont be so hard.

We are trying to break the mirror and reunite. If it does, the mask is a new token of affection.

We cant even have lunch when we rush around with masks (@ salted egg yolk)

We met online, an app we didnt want to be named. Its not far away. I always say I want to show myself, but I havent made up my mind. One is afraid that the other side is not serious, and the other is afraid that they are serious.

Older, I didnt learn how to love happily, but I learned how to love safely.

Our situation is not so serious, but we dare not take it lightly. When I went out, I packed a small bottle of alcohol, disposable alcohol cotton pads and two layers of masks.

The main road is empty, no cars and no people. The shops were closed. We couldnt even find a restaurant to eat. Later, we went to a square and watched pigeons flying around. It was a kind of untimely beauty.

To be honest, Id love to be with him, at least for now.

He ordered flowers for me. I wonder if they can be delivered tomorrow.

If it is really caused by eating bats, I would like to eat ya that silly * (@ Kaka)

I was in Japan, he was in Beijing. Last September, I went back to China and met him. After we were together, we fell in love with each other directly.

I dont think so. But we began to think about when we would meet next time. We had planned to go to Jeju Island for the Spring Festival. But later, I thought that the round-trip air tickets and accommodation were not worth the money. Later it was discussed to change to Beijing, so he lost a ticket money, I saved a accommodation money, we can take this money to do something else.

I never dreamed it would be cancelled because of this kind of thing. I think its more normal and acceptable for you to say that you cant stand the fact that you have a shallow relationship with both sides, or one side has cheated, or you cant stand this kind of foreign choice to break up.

I have a countdown app. Im used to watching that app every day with a few days left. I can be together with it with a few days left. Now Ive deleted it.

If I cant see you these days, I can change a different day. But in this case, when should I change?

Then Im working in a different way than in China. This is my last holiday. Its from the end of February to the beginning of March. If I dont stop at this moment, its hard to say when I will have a holiday next time. I dont have time to accompany him when he comes. Maybe its just to have a meal, take away the bag he bought for me and give him what I bought for him.

And then I said, even then, do you think its worth it? He said it was worth it.

Anyway, I hate the people who caused this epidemic. If its really caused by eating bats, Id like to eat yannai, which is my current mood.

I dont know why this wall reminds me of such words as the end of time. One day, our civilization was completely destroyed, everything was over - burnt, blasted, caved in, maybe there was still this wall left.

The truth is sometimes cruel, but often touching.

Some people are forced to get along with each other day and night because they are trapped at home. Some people are determined to leave their lovers who have been pestering each other for a long time. Some people are connected with their predecessors who have not heard from each other for many years. Some people make solemn promises across the screen.

A few days ago, I saw a news that I couldnt visit the hospital because of the epidemic. An old woman in Hangzhou wrote a letter to her wife in the ICU every day.

There is a letter that says:

Dear wife: the sea rises, the moon rises, and the ends of the earth are at this time. Lovers complain about the distant night, but the night from Acacia.

Today is Valentines day, and you are welcome to express your feelings to the people you love in the message area below, as said in love during cholerau2014u2014

The honest way of life is actually to act according to the wishes of your body, eat when you are hungry, and dont lie when you love.


Illustration: the pictures in this article are from the movie love in the cholera period and the Internet.