Easy to get up every day: girls are so easy to speed, its dangerous in school

 Easy to get up every day: girls are so easy to speed, its dangerous in school

First of all, I wish you all a happy Valentines day, and I wish the heroes who are fighting in the front line of the anti epidemic war to be reunited with their lovers as soon as possible!

Have you given gifts to your lover?

Have you returned to work after a long holiday?

I believe that many people still stay indoors and contribute to the society

Anyway, the car downstairs of my house has been in this shape since the new year

Countless young people have become Meads emotional eating machine

I didnt have much food at home. I just want to say

In fact, like cars, people cant park for a long time. If you think about the weight loss flag set up at the beginning of the new year, netizens can only think of their own way

This Valentines day, I experienced the feeling of having a girlfriend

11 brand private cars at home

There are also netizens come to Gods conclusion, what are your families?

But most people are in this state

Some people practice raising their legs in the elevator when they go out

Xiaobian gives you a way, let go of the elevator button, OK?

Peoples houses are in a hurry. Cars and houses are busy repairing

After the epidemic, please dont forget to take good care of your car. The following is a wrong demonstration:

Heres a demonstration of the mistake of driving close to your car

I havent used the car for a long time. I feel its wrong. I threw it away

Help people to ask how to tame the wild electric vehicle. Its all up to them to buy vegetables recently

This fall is just like a feather in the cartoon. It will fall only when you realize it

Who are you? Give me your name!

Wow... Amazing!

The speed is too fast for ordinary people to carry

Downstairs, the neighbors stop at the rumble. Dont panic. Im training

Fat tigers expression at this time is actually the same as that of Da Xiong

Recently, Mercedes Benz released the G-class speedboat Trailer

My daydream is to open a big G and pull a big G

Todays warm heart story:

Li Xiaoxiong, a Wuhan girl, is a plastic surgeon and a game anchor.

I didnt want to be a hero model! she said. At first, she just wanted to donate masks, so on January 23, she sent a message in the circle of friends to ask where there are sold masks. As a result, countless people called in to donate and many hospitals called for help. She has only one SUV, she cant get all the things and she cant deliver them in time. So she sent a message again, asking who could help to delay the donation, and the phone was immediately knocked out again.

On the night of the 24th, they organized 40 cars to pick up the protective articles at the high-speed entrance of the East and West Lakes. They just loaded one car and sent it to the hospital in three towns of Wuhan. Then they turned around to tow the second time. We sent the things of the two trucks all night. The hospital received the supplies, and the doctors and nurses who came out to pick them up cried. Its really lacking. Later, when the goods and materials from the state came in, the situation was better.

On the night of January 24, materials were transported by convoy

Most of the first members of the team were girls, and 18 or 9-year-old girls. Small, we not only need to be drivers, but also load and unload ourselves. The boxes for protective clothing are very large, which may be on the shoulder. The girls have to unload these boxes from the van and then load them into their own car. There is no public transportation and no big car to borrow. All of them are sedans or SUVs. One roof can hold one or two more boxes.

In order to connect, arrange and deliver these materials, she didnt sleep for two days and nights, called and sent wechat messages, and her fingers were swollen. I have no way to stop, because all the contact information is coming from me. If I stop, what about those who want to donate materials and need them?

Volunteers from all walks of life are witnessing the anti epidemic story in Wuhan city. I wish you all the best!