Chinas anti epidemic efforts are denigrated by American Writers: tired of Western medias defamation of China

 Chinas anti epidemic efforts are denigrated by American Writers: tired of Western medias defamation of China

Chinese novel coronavirus pneumonia, Chinas H1N1 discrimination in 2009 and Chinas 2020 coronavirus, were published in social media in February 5th. Ma Yi Jun has made a deep impression on some western countries in coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic, and has discriminated against the Chinese people and some western medias efforts to slander the Chinese governments epidemic control efforts. Discussion. Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in 2009 was compared with the outbreak of the H1N1 influenza outbreak in the US, and it showed some different reactions to the two public health emergencies. During the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak, I dont remember xenophobic attacks against the United States around the world, do you remember? it read? In fact, do you remember that it took the United States six months to declare a national emergency?

Up to now, his post has gained 1 million + reading.

In an interview with China Daily on December 12, Ma Yijun explained why he wrote this article.

Ma said most of the comments in this post are super support.. Many people agree with him that the response to the crisis (in some countries) and the relevant reports of some western media are not objective.

Maria vesterlund, a former senior supply chain manager at GE, is one of them.

We moved to Shanghai in August last year. Sadly, we also see all kinds of false gossip and panic messages in the (Western) media every day My friends in Munich and Frankfurt told me that they didnt even go to the local Chinese restaurant because they were worried about the new coronavirus. She commented on Mas post.

We will stay here and not leave To stop the spread of the epidemic, some of the people here - Chinese and foreigners alike - closed their businesses, some lost their income, some stayed at home for weeks, lost friends and stopped all forms of entertainment. Im with them. She said.

Ma Yijun was born in New York, USA, and moved to China in 1999. He worked as a consultant in many enterprises, and later started his own public relations company. He has also written two books on Chinas economic development. Before settling in Shenyang, his wifes hometown, he lived in many cities in China, including Chengdu, Hangzhou and Shanghai.

Ma Yijun pointed out that the SARS epidemic in 2003 is impressive, and the authorities have learned from the past experience and lessons, and better responded to the current crisis.

Chinese media are talking more and more about the problems in the society, and the problems in the government work will also be discussed in the news. This information has not been blocked and suppressed as some western media have alleged. This accusation by the western media is not wise and must be stopped, he said

Ma Yijun said that at this moment, it is important for people to sympathize with the sufferings of the Chinese people and inspire them to keep up fighting against the virus. He also expressed confidence that the outbreak will end when the spring comes.

He concluded: I think when spring comes, I will play the piano and give a concert. It will be a concert tour to celebrate Chinas victory over the epidemic. We will have a good time and things will be better than people expect. Wuhan, hold on! China, come on!