Olympic points rush Guoyu confirms training in the UK Deng Yaping helps

 Olympic points rush Guoyu confirms training in the UK Deng Yaping helps

Because of the epidemic, we have been conducting closed training in the Training Bureau, and the training of our team members is relatively normal. Zhang Jun briefly introduced Guoyus current preparations for the war and what protective measures the team had to deal with the epidemic, Zhang Jun said: first of all, our team members and coaches are wearing masks after leaving the room, the apartment cleaners and our chefs, so our Training Bureau has a set of strict protective measures.

For Guoyus next preparations, Zhang Jun also announced the news that the team will go overseas for training. Now the Olympic point race has reached a final stage, so we also contacted the overseas training to Britain, which is to participate in the Olympic point race through overseas training. Before this period of time, my teammates of the Chinese team have contacted me actively to provide convenience for the Chinese team, which makes me very happy.

First of all, it depends on whether Germany recognizes our two-week time in the UK, because we train in the UK for two weeks and some players go to the German competition. If Germany recognizes it, we can still take part in it, Zhang said

The head of the German Badminton Federation recently called for the world badminton federation to close the Olympic Games in advance, so as to be more fair to the Chinese team. Zhang Jun said: our Chinese athletes are very clean, no one is infected with that pneumonia. The decision made by the World Badminton Federation will take the overall situation into consideration and make a more correct decision. In fact, the idea of German badminton association may be considered from the perspective of their country. China Badminton Association will strive to let the players to participate in the Olympic Games, but it will also try its best to play the Olympic Games