Under the epidemic, home economy is making efforts to open new Taobao stores for 30000 people every day

 Under the epidemic, home economy is making efforts to open new Taobao stores for 30000 people every day

Housing economy is working

During the outbreak, a large number of offline businesses temporarily closed down. But living at home for a long time without income is not the way. Everyone has turned online, opened online stores to resume business, and realized cloud back to work.

According to data provided by Taobao 14 to China News Agency, since February, the number of new Taobao stores has reached more than 30000 every day.

At the same time, in Taobaos one key business platform, taoxiaopu, the number of new stores has increased by more than 300% since February 3. These new shopkeepers can earn revenue by sharing, participating in reviews, or buyer shows to promote products.

The shopkeeper used the computer spare parts inventory of years ago to open a Taobao store. At present, the inventory can be delivered to the end of the month, and suppliers can resume work after February 17, which can support more new orders, he said. He predicted that in the recent period, even if offline stores open, their business will be much worse than before, so we have to slowly move the sales proportion up the line.

Online cloud back to work in various industries

Its not uncommon for offline enterprises to turn online, such as cloud house watching and live selling, while traditional restaurants are also trying to cloud back to work.

According to the reporter, at least 30 well-known catering enterprises have changed or are changing the kitchen into a live studio, including Burger King, Haagen Dazs, zhenkung Fu, Yoshino family, Xiabu Xiabu and Hongzhuangyuan.

For example, there are many restaurants in Meizhou Dongpo restaurant in China: before the Lantern Festival, Meizhou Dongpo opened a live room on the Internet. At the same time, the chef taught the fans to make the Lantern Festival, and at the same time, they sold the goods through live broadcast, plus take out delivery, the sales effect was also good.

Traditional department stores have also opened online stores. Many brand guides of Yintai department store have attracted attention recently: some of them sell British childrens shoes while coaxing the crying baby at home; some of the mens make-up artists live broadcast makeup and share dry goods, and received more than 15000 fans praise at a time.

Cooking is also a new industry

The sales volume of air fryer increased by 177% year on year. Small hot pot, instant noodles and baked cake became the three delicacies of the house. Figures obtained from Taobao on February 14 showed that since February, the number of people who went to Taobao to search for small hot pot has increased by more than 30 times; the number of people who searched for instant noodles has increased by more than 200 times; the number of people who searched for baked semi-finished products has increased by 100 times.

The whole countrys food also made concerted efforts to eat a large number of unsalable agricultural products: 12000 tons of fruits and vegetables were purchased in six days, increasing the consumption of fruits by 600%.

Ma Tingdong, the president of Donggang strawberry Association in Liaoning Province, told reporters that in previous years, the daily sales volume of Donggang strawberries ranged from 600000 Jin to 700000 Jin, with a maximum of 1 million jin per day. However, after the outbreak of the epidemic, inconvenient transportation around the market blocked, no one in Donggang strawberry. If fresh strawberries cant be sold in time, they should be frozen into dried strawberries and sold again. There is a huge price gap between the two. For example, fresh strawberries can be sold for 9 or 10 yuan per catty, while dried strawberries can only be sold for 1 yuan per catty, so there is a tenfold price difference, and the loss of 1 million catties of strawberries will reach 9 to 10 million yuan.

Ma Tingdong found a way to launch the food and agriculture project on the e-commerce platform. He said that after the online sales, one shop and one link in Donggang strawberry can sell about 30000 pieces of strawberries every day, each of which is at least 3 jin. Now the sales of strawberries is not a problem.

What will the novel coronavirus epidemic bring to our economy? How should we adjust and exert our monetary and fiscal policies?