Manchester Uniteds financial strength ranks 16th in the world behind Evergrande + 8 in a year

 Manchester Uniteds financial strength ranks 16th in the world behind Evergrande + 8 in a year

This list was released by Soccer Industry Research Organization (soccer Ex), which calculates the financial indexes of major clubs based on five aspects, namely player contract, tangible assets, bank cash, potential owner investment and net debt, and then arranges the comprehensive financial strength of the club based on the financial indexes.

Manchester Uniteds financial index is 1.743, 16th out of all clubs, which is enough to reflect the current predicament of the Red Devils. Manchester Uniteds record has been very poor since Ferguson retired. Although their annual income is OK, experts have been warning Manchester United that if they continue to be depressed, the economic situation will definitely get worse. According to figures released by Soccerex, Manchester United now have a debt of 664 million pounds.

Manchester Uniteds players now have a combined worth of 625 million pounds, a figure that only ranks fifth in the Premier League. Citys players are worth u00a3 1062 million, with the Premier League first, followed by Liverpools u00a3 888 million, Tottenhams u00a3 816 million and Chelseas u00a3 670 million.

Citys financial index is 5.197, the Premier Leagues first. Last year, they were at the top of the list, but this year they were overtaken by Paris, whose financial index this year was 5.318. In this years list, Spurs rise is an accident. They are ranked fourth in the world, one place higher than Real Madrid. Arsenal, whose players are worth only 566 million pounds, are sixth because they are based in London and have low debt. Chelsea and Liverpool are seventh and eighth respectively.

Under the Glazers, United have been questioned by fans every year. Previously, it was reported that Salman, crown prince of Sartre, wanted to buy Manchester United for 3.5 billion pounds, but the Glazers refused. The mirror doesnt think there are many people in the world who have enough money to buy Manchester United, and the Glazers have to be careful with their offers. Moreover, there are not many people coming to buy Manchester United. In addition to Manchester Uniteds poor economic situation, the huge cost of upgrading Old Trafford is also a headache for potential buyers. It is estimated that Manchester United will spend at least 200 million pounds to upgrade Old Trafford to a modern stadium comparable to that of Tottenham and Arsenal.

Attached with the world football financial strength list:

1. Paris 5.32

2. Manchester City 5.20

3. Bayern 3.89

4. Hotspur 3.44

5. Real Madrid 3.34

6. Arsenal 3.15

7. Chelsea 2.89

8. Liverpool 2.62

9. Juventus 2.20

10. Dot2.15

11. Atletico 2.05

12. Barcelona 2.04

13. Leipzig 1.95

14. Hoffenheim 1.92

15. Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao 1.85

16. Manchester United 1.74

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