The case of separated space trial under the epidemic situation is upgraded to the online trial of Hunan court

 The case of separated space trial under the epidemic situation is upgraded to the online trial of Hunan court

Hunan Furong court conducted the trial through the intelligent trial platform.

At the very moment of fighting against the epidemic, in order to prevent and control the epidemic and ensure the trial work, some provinces have made further actions in promoting remote trial recently.

On February 14, after requiring the provincial court to fully open the online trial system, Hunan high court announced once again that all courts in the province, if they have the conditions for online court session, will hold online court session.

Some experts suggest that the Supreme Court should, as soon as possible, rely on the technology accumulation and experience exploration of the Internet court to develop a nationwide unified online trial platform

Court map of Wujiang

On February 3, Suzhou judge, who was in his hometown of Hubei Province, used the smart court system to hold court sessions.

Hunan: all qualified online court sessions

A novel coronavirus pneumonia case was issued in February 13th by the Hunan high court, which is concerned with the case of court hearing in the provinces court. The lawsuit participants may not apply for the court proceedings because they are being treated, isolated or subjected to medical observation and traffic closure.

In addition, if the court at all levels has the conditions to hold a court session online, the court session will be held online. The court accepting the case shall actively contact with the participants of relevant cases in advance to know whether it has the conditions for online court session. If the court has the conditions for online court session, the court to be heard shall timely notify the litigant participants to change the mode of court session or notify the fixed time and mode of court session by summons, and clarify the relevant matters of online court session. The notice of the court accepting the case on changing the mode of hearing shall have the same effect as the summons previously informing the time and place of the hearing.

More than half of the courts in China can hold court sessions Online

Surging news has previously reported that in February 6th, the Hunan High Court announced that all the courts in the province opened the inter cloud trial and all the WeChat online court WeChat and Alipay online payment.

Affected by the epidemic, courts across the country have launched similar emergency measures.

According to Xinhua News Agency on February 12, there are 932 courts in Shandong that have the function of online court session. From February 3 to 9, courts at all levels in Shandong Province received 8335 new cases through online filing, and closed 5883 cases, and held 134 court sessions through the Internet.

Zhu Wenming, deputy general manager of Hangzhou gongdao Network Technology Co., Ltd., introduced that on February 3, the national court held 116 sessions using Internet smart court. From January 1 to February 10, including the epidemic period, 286 smart courts were opened nationwide, with 1324 sessions.

According to the latest data released by cloud trial, as of 20:00 on February 11, courts of 30 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) across the country have applied for the opening of cloud trial Internet trial service, covering more than half of the courts. Since February 3, the cumulative number of court sessions has been 1487.

Scholars suggest to develop a unified online trial platform

Behind the nationwide online trial, it is the promotion of epidemic situation and policy.

Xue Jun, a professor at Peking University Law School, told the media that if the epidemic continues for a long time, it may further promote the online trial of the case.

In February 10th, novel coronavirus, a Supreme Court, a Supreme Procuratorate, the Ministry of public security and the Ministry of Justice jointly formulated the opinions on punishing the prevention and control of crimes against new coronavirus infection according to law, which requires safety in handling cases: in addition to the fact that we must contact personally, we should try to adopt a written review method, and if necessary, we can use video to interrogate suspected crimes. People, ask victims, witnesses and listen to defense lawyers. When the peoples court hears relevant cases during the period of epidemic prevention and control, it shall, while adhering to the principle of open trial according to law, minimize personnel gathering, and earnestly safeguard the safety and health of participants in litigation, spectators and court policemen.

Xue Jun suggested that we should rely on the technology accumulation and experience exploration of Internet courts as soon as possible to develop a national unified online trial platform, or gradually integrate the existing platforms into the platform of the Supreme Court.

The start of the judicial fast track of quick trial and quick judgment will undoubtedly enable the perpetrators to taste the bitter fruit immediately, and at the same time form a deterrent to warn those potential irregularities.