58 tons of raw materials have been transported from Europe to Shanghai

 58 tons of raw materials have been transported from Europe to Shanghai

This batch of materials are purchased by China Pharmaceutical Group overseas, and will be used in production lines of various regions as soon as they arrive in Shanghai for protective clothing production and the first line of epidemic prevention.

In recent days, due to the shortage of domestic epidemic prevention materials and the shortage of respirator protective clothing, many domestic manufacturers began to purchase raw materials from overseas. The materials transported by China Eastern are from DuPont group, but the raw material factory is far away in Luxembourg. At the same time, the production cycle of raw materials, coupled with the continuous reduction of international routes, many direct and transit flights have been grounded. How and when the goods arrive has become a problem to be solved.

According to the reporter, it will take as long as 4-6 days to make 58 tons of cloth, and the physical displacement of the goods in Luxembourg, Netherlands and China will be completed. For this reason, China Eastern logistics, which provides comprehensive logistics services in the whole process, has set a goal of no more than 10 days from the production of raw materials in the factory to the landing of finished products on the sea, and has developed a logistics solution to get through all aspects of transportation in a short time u3002

Among them, the transportation from Luxembourg to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is by truck, while the transportation from Amsterdam to Shanghai is by China Eastern Airlines B777 cargo plane. All aspects of transportation, such as customized shipping space, airworthy packaging, customs clearance, delivery board, loading and unloading, decomposition and lightering, should be considered in advance. All kinds of documents and documents should be prepared, communicated and coordinated with all stations at home and abroad, airport customs and other parties, as well as before air transportation Later extension operation and other links should also be carried out at the same time.

On February 10, the above logistics plan was officially launched. On February 12, 58 tons of protective clothing fabric was delivered to designated points in Amsterdam. In the early morning of February 14, the plane was loaded and took off from Amsterdam Airport.

China Eastern Airlines disclosed to reporters that there was another episode during this period. Because the goods were mainly cloth, with special dimensions, the B777 cargo plane usually loaded 105 pallets at most, and the pallets generated after packing exceeded this number. Considering the particularity of this batch of goods, China Eastern logistics specially allocated unconventional ultra long boards that could hold 1 ton of goods to load, which ensured that all the goods were loaded Boarding.

On February 14, after the plane successfully arrived at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, as soon as the goods landed, the operation Department of Shanghai station, which had been on standby for a long time, quickly completed the loading and unloading, decomposition, tally, loading and distribution of various links, and then quickly realized the domestic distribution and transfer of epidemic prevention materials.

As of February 13, the logistics network and route resources of 26 countries, 40 international sites and 61 domestic sites of China Eastern Airlines have been used to transport and guarantee the epidemic prevention materials with the belly cabin of full cargo plane and airliner, totaling 1721 votes and 1888.6 tons.

Under this epidemic situation, air freight played an important role. On the night of the previous generation 13, Jinpeng aviation y87406 Frankfurt Changsha medical materials chartered plane under HNA Group landed at Changsha Huanghua International Airport, which was loaded with protective clothing, masks, medical gloves and other materials to rush to the battlefield of epidemic prevention and control in Hunan Province. Before that, Jinpeng aviation has transported more than 246.2 tons of domestic and foreign epidemic prevention materials to help the epidemic prevention and control work in various parts of the country.

Tang Lin, a representative of the material charter project team and assistant to the president of Jinpeng aviation and general manager of the strategic marketing department, said: Jinpeng aviation has been responsible for the delivery of important rescue materials at home and abroad for many times since its establishment. During the epidemic, we made every effort to guarantee the green channel for medical material transportation, strive to give full play to the advantages of rapid transportation of civil aviation, and build a solid material support behind the front-line medical personnel.