The first TCM shelter hospital in Wuhan has been put into use and can receive 800 patients

 The first TCM shelter hospital in Wuhan has been put into use and can receive 800 patients

The medical team in charge of Jiangxia fangcang hospital is composed of 209 medical and nursing personnel from 20 TCM hospitals in five provinces, with the cooperation and support of Wuhan Jiangxia District TCM hospital.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia has been treated for some time. It has been shown that Chinese medicine has a good effect on the treatment of patients with new crown pneumonia. The symptoms and biochemical indexes of patients are improved, and the course of disease is shortened. This is important for timely treatment of most patients with new crown pneumonia and preventing them from turning to severe or even critical diseases. Therefore, we propose that the TCM team take over the shelter hospital as an organic system. Zhang Boli, member of the expert group of the central steering group, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Tianjin University of traditional Chinese medicine, told reporters.

He said that in addition to taking medicine, Jiangxia fangcang hospital will also organize patients to practice Taijiquan, Baduanjin, massage, moxibustion and other treatment methods with outstanding Chinese characteristics.

The scope of this epidemic is large. Many patients have the same etiology and basically similar performance. We will make a unified Soup for them according to the agreed prescription. For those patients who need dialectical treatment, we will also make individualized addition and subtraction preparations for them. Said Zhang Boli.

Liu Qingquan, President of Beijing Traditional Chinese medicine hospital and President of Jiangxia fangcang hospital, said that the fangcang hospital can currently receive 400 patients and another 400 patients after the completion of the second phase project.

While treating the light patients, it is very important to identify the severe patients and send them to the designated hospitals for treatment. This treatment mode and management method is of great significance to reduce the mortality rate. Liu Qingquan said. He believes that traditional Chinese medicine treatment is not aimed at viruses, but more to mobilize the enthusiasm of the human body, through the ability of the human body to remove diseases caused by viruses.

In the thousands of years of confrontation with the epidemic, the ancestors of traditional Chinese medicine put out the plague again and again with superb medical skills. Now, with the support of modern technology, modern western medicine and the cooperation of Chinese and Western medicine, we will surely achieve faster and better curative effect. Liu Qingquan said.