Hainan: education and preferential treatment for medical workers and their children in Hubei Province

 Hainan: education and preferential treatment for medical workers and their children in Hubei Province

Including: if the children enter the kindergarten, they can, according to the wishes of their parents, be preferentially arranged by the education administrative department of their registered residence or residence to attend the public kindergarten or inclusive high-quality private kindergarten according to the principle of convenience nearby.

Where a child attends a school at the compulsory education stage, according to the wishes of the student and his or her parents, the local education administrative department shall, in accordance with the principle of territorial management and proximity, give priority to the public education school in the city or county (District) where his or her parents, grandparents or grandparents have their domicile or residence.

If the children need to study in the local ordinary high school, they shall be properly taken care of according to the standard of education and security for the children of the staff in the hard area in the current preferential policy of Hainan Province.

Children who apply for secondary vocational schools in Hainan Province shall be given priority to secondary vocational schools and majors; children who participate in the pilot project of 3 + 2 and five-year consistent higher vocational education shall be given priority in admission and majors selection according to their wishes; those who meet the relevant policy conditions and apply for the classified admission examination of Hainan Vocational Colleges in 2020 shall be given priority in admission and majors selection according to their wishes Choose a major.

For children who take part in the general college entrance examination, Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau and the recruiting offices of all cities and counties shall establish statistical books and provide services such as voluntary filling guidance and enrollment; for those who are admitted by colleges and universities in the province, the colleges and universities shall give priority to the adjustment of majors according to the wishes of candidates on the premise of not violating the current relevant policies.

Hainan Provincial Examination Bureau shall contact and coordinate with the relevant recruitment units to ensure that the medical team members who apply for 2020 postgraduate entrance examination are not affected in the aspects of retest and adjustment. Those who apply for Hainan provinces colleges and universities and enter the retest in line with the relevant policies of the State shall be given priority in admission within the scope permitted by the enrollment plan.

If the children are enrolled in various schools at all levels in Hainan Province, during the period of epidemic prevention, their school will arrange a head teacher, counselor, teacher or organize volunteers to provide certain life assistance, school work guidance, psychological counseling and other support.

According to the Department of education of Hainan Province, the above-mentioned policy is one-off, and the deadline is December 31, 2020. The preferential treatment targets are medical support workers from Hainan Province to Hubei Province. The list of medical support staff to Hubei Province shall be examined and approved by the health and Health Commission of Hainan Province, stamped with official seal and submitted to the Education Department of Hainan Province, which shall make overall arrangement to the education bureaus and schools of all cities and counties for specific implementation. In case of any objection during the implementation, Hainan Provincial Department of education shall be responsible for the explanation.