Li Keqiang visits Beijing West Railway Station to novel Coronet Peak return and novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control

 Li Keqiang visits Beijing West Railway Station to novel Coronet Peak return and novel coronavirus Pneumonia Control

Li Keqiang came to the platform and waved to the passengers coming out of the train, asking if the road was smooth and how the protective measures were. The passengers replied that the car was well protected, and Li Keqiang told them to continue to do a good job of protection after returning home. He also inspected the operation of infrared temperature measurement facilities and affirmed that the railway system measures temperature and strengthens prevention and control when passengers get on, on and off the train.

Li Keqiang came to the dispatching command center of Beijing West Railway Station to understand the national railway peak load shifting dispatching and future passenger flow trend. The person in charge reported that the state implemented measures such as extending holidays, flexibly arranging resumption of work and guiding peak shifting travel. The railway system also took measures to avoid centralized travel of people after the festival and ensure smooth flow of people and logistics. From the big data of ticket booking and people flow, we can see that this year will not be the same as the previous Spring Festival return peak. The head of transportation and civil aviation departments said that highways and civil aviation are in a similar situation. It is believed that the traffic peak shifting measures taken have effectively curbed the risk of chain transmission of the epidemic caused by peak travel. Li Keqiang said that you have done two things: one is to prevent and control the epidemic, and the other is to ensure the smooth flow. At present, the epidemic prevention and control department is in a critical stage, and most places are also returning to work in an orderly manner. We need to strengthen passenger flow monitoring, arrange ticket sales reasonably, and at the same time, we need to introduce the policy of temporarily exempting all tolls of all vehicle toll roads including passenger cars and trucks, which can better guarantee the smooth transportation of key medical prevention and control materials and necessities, reduce logistics costs, continue to guide traffic expectations, realize orderly and balanced travel of personnel, and effectively prevent Control the epidemic situation and promote the orderly resumption of work and production.

Li Keqiang stressed that transportation is the main artery of personnel flow and the lifeline to ensure the supply of all kinds of prevention and control materials and daily necessities. The prevention and control measures of epidemic situation should be scientific, rigorous and effective, so that passengers can travel safely. At the same time, we will correct the illegal blocking and blocking of traffic, ensure the smooth transportation of epidemic prevention and control materials, necessities and personnel, help the orderly resumption of work and production, better guarantee the supply, and maintain the normal economic and social order. All regions and departments should resolutely and effectively prevent and control the epidemic and strive to achieve the economic and social development goals and tasks of the whole year.

Li Keqiang expressed sympathy to the station staff on duty, urged them to strengthen protection, and thanked the staff of the national transportation front for their contributions to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Accompanied by Xiao Jie and he Lifeng.