Valentines Day: masks and disinfectants as gifts

 Valentines Day: masks and disinfectants as gifts

Ke Quan and Yu Chen are both nurses of the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University supporting Jinyintan hospital. At the same time, they are also a couple.

On February 12, Ke Quan told time weekly that they would give each other gifts on Valentines day in previous years. If they had time, they would go out for dinner and movies on Valentines day.

This years Valentines Day is catching up at a special moment. I adjust my family at home, and I insist on staying at the front line. We cant accompany each other, but we can only give love red envelopes on Alipay.

Love in Jinyintan hospital: its good to marry you home when the disease disappears and haze disappears (click the title to view the article)

This Valentines day, many couples may only use the Internet cloud blessing and cloud to meet. Move the way of offline celebration to online.

E-commerce platforms such as Jingdong, Netease yanxuan, and Siku continued their Valentines Day activities, offering services such as discounts and intra city distribution; and audio and video platforms such as Himalayas and bilibilibili also launched cloud Festival activities.

How are you going to spend Valentines day in a special environment?

Isolate virus and love

The moon is born on the sea, and the ends of the earth are at this time. Lovers complain about the distant night, but they miss each other at night. Junxius font comes from a Hangzhou grandmother.

Under the influence of the epidemic, the hospital cancelled the visit and the two elders could not meet each other every day.

Grandma wrote a love letter every day, each beginning with dear wife and sending Acacia with ancient poems. Grandpa also wrote romantic letters back.

No matter when it comes, love always melts the heart.

The epidemic needs tens of thousands of people in front line support, medical personnel, volunteers, peoples livelihood project security personnel How many people are busy in the front line, the lover behind has how many worries.

On the eve of the departure of Wuhan medical team of Beijing rescue, because of the hurry of the trip, everyone forgot to bring a pen to mark the materials. Bai Yu, a nurse, wrote directly with lipstick. Others ask, take lipstick to write, do you feel hurt?

I dont feel hurt. Give it to my husband. Theres no need to wipe it. No one can see it.

Sichuan sent to Wuhan medical team, set out at the scene, a husband with a crying voice shouted: Zhao Yingming, come back safely. You come back safely. Ill take care of the housework for a year. Do you hear me!

There is such a moving picture - the medical staff wearing masks, through the glass door, to show a promise to the lover outside.

Today, I owe you a engagement. This life, I use my whole life to guard.

Plans disrupted by the epidemic

This Valentines day, more couples are forced to stay at home, unable to meet, online cloud Festival has become their choice.

Liang Lin (pseudonym), who was isolated in Huanggang, Hubei Province, told time weekly on February 11 that she and her boyfriend had not met for 20 days since they went home in Wuhan on January 23.

Liang Lin and her boyfriend met in graduate school. They were both Hubei people. After graduation, they worked and lived together in Wuhan. Now, because of the epidemic, they separated for the first time after graduation.

In fact, on Valentines day this year, Liang Lin wanted to leave a happy memory: we are going to make an appointment on the second day of the first year, and all the relatives have informed us. Affected by the epidemic, she hesitated for a long time, and decided to cancel it on the third day of the new year. Valentines Day is the first Valentines day after our engagement. We were going to celebrate it.

Because there is no way to meet. Wechat sends a red envelope of love to show that its also a holiday. Liang linlue has regrets, but she said that in special times, the best protection is not to meet.

Liang Lin told reporters that after the outbreak, the first thing she and her boyfriend want to do is to get engaged.

The engagement was delayed because of the epidemic. If we can meet, we will make it quickly. Liang Lin said.

This years epidemic makes Valentines day seem to be long distance love, but only to open the online love mode.

Some netizens missed the precious meeting opportunity because of the epidemic.

Its more than 2000 kilometers of long-distance love, only one month off for the new year. Because of the epidemic, we cant see each other again. We couldnt see each other on Valentines day this year.

However, there are some couples and husband and wife, because of the epidemic, together Homestead, spend a rare day together for more than 20 days.

Before, he was busy with his work and never cooked for me. These days, he couldnt go out, so he dug out his talent for cooking and made delicious food in different ways every day. This is already the best Valentines Day present On February 13, Ms. Ye of Guangzhou told time weekly that she was throwing dog food.

Masks become Valentines Day gift ideal

On February 3, official announcement of mystery of arrival starring Li Xian, Gu Xuan and others withdrew from Valentines day schedule.

On the same day, Joe Joes fantasy world was also released.

February 4, Ma Sichun, Huang Jingyu starred in crazy buckwheat announced the withdrawal of Valentines day.

Offline catering, entertainment and shopping are all suspended, and the hot economic scene of Valentines Day is no longer.

But online, e-commerce platform and audio and video platform have offered some new moves, showing some new features.

On February 14, the reporter of time weekly learned from the relevant person in charge of Jingdong that according to the consumption data of Valentines day of Jingdong home platform under dada group, alcohol products, disinfectants and nutritional health care products have become the hard core Valentines Day gifts during the anti epidemic period, and the sales volume has increased greatly.

Among them, the sales volume of disinfectant increased by 9.6 times compared with that of the previous year, and sales of alcohol related products such as alcohol cotton ball and alcohol sprayer increased by 21 times compared with the same period last year.

In addition, the demand for fresh food continues to rise due to the fact that most people live at home and work. The turnover of fresh food increased 4.58 times from February 8 to 12 last year, and red wine steak is expected to become the standard for many candlelight dinners. The turnover of cosmetics and skin care increased 36.8%, K-gold jewelry increased 40%, and biscuit cake increased 246 times.

A list of the most popular gifts for Valentines Day is out.

Masks, goggles and alcohol cotton chips have become the top 3 gifts with the largest search volume, and masks occupy the first place on the Valentines Day gift list.

According to data provided by Suning e-commerce to the times weekly, unlike previous years when friends showed off their boyfriend strength, this years couples were anti epidemic.

Before Valentines day, the sales volume of vitamin C increased by 401%, and the sales volume of Carrefour disinfectant increased by 2561% year on year. In special period, peoples common wish is to ensure the health of lovers.

On February 11, Netease strictly selected the relevant person in charge to introduce to the times weekly that affected by the epidemic, this Valentines day, in addition to hand accessories, chocolate and other conventional commodities, will be mainly promoted in combination with epidemic prevention and health commodities; in terms of distribution, it is Shunfeng, with endless logistics.

In addition to e-commerce platform, audio and video platform also launched activities for Valentines Day cloud Festival.

Bilibilibili planned the theme of love is not isolated on Valentines Day, and collected the original theme video.

The epidemic has changed the way love is celebrated, but not the nature of love.

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