Xi Jinping chaired the Twelfth Meeting of the central comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission, emphasizing the improvement of major epidemic prevention and control system and mechanism, and the improvement of the national public health emergency manage

 Xi Jinping chaired the Twelfth Meeting of the central comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission, emphasizing the improvement of major epidemic prevention and control system and mechanism, and the improvement of the national public health emergency manage

Xi Jinping emphasized that we should strengthen the rule of law in public health, comprehensively strengthen and improve the relevant laws and regulations in the field of public health, and conscientiously evaluate the improvement and improvement of laws and regulations on infectious diseases prevention and animal protection. From the perspective of protecting peoples health, safeguarding national security and maintaining the long-term stability of the country, we should integrate biosafety into the national security system, systematically plan the construction of the national biosafety risk prevention and control system, and comprehensively improve the national biosafety governance capacity. We should promote the introduction of biosafety law as soon as possible, and accelerate the construction of national biosafety laws and regulations system and system guarantee system.

Keep to the concept of all-time preparedness and control, Xi Jinping said, and implement the policy of health and health care, which is the most important preventive measure. We need to improve the public health service system, optimize the investment structure of medical and health resources, strengthen the prevention and control capacity building of rural areas, communities and other grass-roots units, and strengthen the first line of defense. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of public health team, and improve the training, access, use, treatment guarantee, evaluation and incentive mechanism of practitioners. We should continue to strengthen the system construction of general practitioner training and hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, promote efficient coordination and seamless connection between public health services and medical services, and improve the working mechanism of prevention and control, joint prevention and control, and group prevention and treatment. We need to strengthen the awareness of risks and improve the coordination mechanism for research, assessment, decision-making and prevention and control of major public health risks.

Xi Jinping stressed the need to reform and improve the major epidemic prevention and control system, improve the emergency response mechanism for major epidemic situations, and establish a centralized and unified leadership and command system with high efficiency, so as to achieve clear, orderly, smooth and effective implementation of the command system, and accurately solve the first line problem of the epidemic. We need to improve the effective coordination mechanism of scientific research, disease control and clinical treatment, summarize the practical experience of various regions in time, form institutionalized achievements, and improve the prevention and control norms of major and extraordinary outbreaks and the management methods of emergency treatment. We need to integrate peace and war, make up for shortcomings, improve and optimize the treatment system for major epidemics, establish and improve the treatment mechanism for major epidemics such as classified, stratified and shunted infectious diseases, support the first-line clinical technology innovation, and timely promote effective treatment programs. We should encourage the use of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and other digital technologies to better play a supporting role in epidemic monitoring and analysis, virus tracing, prevention and treatment, resource allocation and other aspects.

Xi Jinping pointed out that we should improve the medical insurance and relief system for major diseases, improve the emergency medical assistance mechanism, ensure that medical institutions should first treat and post charges in emergencies and other emergency situations, and improve the instant settlement system of medical insurance in different places. It is necessary to explore the establishment of the medical fee exemption system for special groups and specific diseases, and specifically exempt the medical insurance payment catalogue, payment limit, dosage and other restrictive provisions, so as to alleviate the worries of the poor people when they seek medical treatment. We should make overall plans for the use of basic medical insurance funds and public health service funds, increase the proportion of payments to primary medical institutions, and effectively link public health services with medical services.

Xi Jinping stressed the need to improve the unified emergency material support system and regard emergency supplies as an important part of the construction of the national emergency management system. In accordance with the principles of centralized management, unified allocation, peacetime service, emergency response, collection and storage, saving and high efficiency, relevant working mechanisms and contingency plans should be improved as soon as possible. We need to optimize the production capacity support and regional layout of important emergency materials so that they can be obtained and used at critical times. For the short-term possible shortage of material supply, establish a centralized production scheduling mechanism, uniformly organize the supply of raw materials, arrange fixed-point production, standardize quality standards, and ensure the orderly and powerful emergency material support. We should improve the national reserve system, scientifically adjust the category, scale and structure of the reserve, and improve the reserve efficiency. We need to establish a unified national procurement and supply system for emergency materials, implement centralized management, unified allocation and unified distribution of emergency rescue materials, and promote a more efficient, safe and controllable emergency material supply network.

The meeting deliberated and adopted the work summary report of the central comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission in 2019 and the work key points of the central comprehensive Deepening Reform Commission in 2020.

The meeting deliberated and passed the opinions on accelerating the improvement of the socialist market economic system in the new era, the national overall reform plan for basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees, the pilot implementation plan for granting the ownership or long-term use right of scientific and technological achievements to scientific research personnel, the guidance on deepening the pilot work of reform of public institutions, and the guidance on further promoting the high-end of the country Opinions on the pilot work of think tank construction, opinions on promoting the high-quality development of infrastructure, and guiding opinions on further promoting the reform and opening up of service industry.

The meeting pointed out that in order to accelerate the improvement of the socialist market economy system in the new era, we should fully implement the new development concept, give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, give better play to the role of the government, deepen market-oriented reform, expand high-level Opening-up, advance in depth in accordance with the requirements of system integration, coordination and efficiency, and make full efforts in precise implementation and precise implementation Breakthrough and innovation in major fundamental reform.

The meeting stressed that we should adhere to the principle of fairness, unity of rights and responsibilities, step by step, promote a more equitable and sustainable national endowment insurance system, and comprehensively build a multi-level social security system covering the whole people, urban and rural areas, with clear rights and responsibilities, moderate security and sustainability. We should strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and incentive of property rights, endow scientific research personnel with the ownership or long-term use right of scientific and technological achievements, improve the decision-making mechanism, standardize the operation process, and explore and form systems of empowerment, achievement evaluation, income distribution, etc. We should adhere to the principle of pilot first, optimize coordination and efficiency, reform institutional setting and function allocation of public institutions, and explore the implementation of such systems as the list of authority for political affairs, the functional provisions for institutional establishment and the management of articles of association. Building a new type of think tank with Chinese characteristics is an important deployment made by the CPC Central Committee based on the overall cause of the party and the country. We should strive for perfection, pay attention to science and quality, and improve the ability of service decision-making.

The meeting pointed out that infrastructure is an important support for economic and social development. It is necessary to take overall optimization and collaborative integration as the guide, coordinate the development of stock and increment, traditional and new infrastructure, and build a modern infrastructure system that is intensive, efficient, affordable, intelligent, green, safe and reliable. We need to relax the access restrictions of the service industry, build a regulatory system, deepen the reform of key areas, improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, improve relevant laws and regulations, and improve the quality and efficiency of supply.

The meeting stressed that in 2019, in the face of complex risks and challenges at home and abroad, the Central Committee for comprehensively deepening reform adheres to the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, keeps the key points in mind, has a targeted goal, plans to promote reform based on the overall situation of the work of the party and the state, continues to launch major reform programs in important areas and key links, completes the deepening of the reform of the party and state institutions, and focuses on the reform We will deploy and implement the plan, guide local governments to carry out reform pilot projects in an orderly manner, summarize and promote them in a timely manner, strengthen and improve reform publicity, promote the implementation of the important measures of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and take important steps to comprehensively deepen reform.

The year 2020 is the year of the completion of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way and the 13th five year plan. We should adhere to the problem orientation and continue to launch a number of important reform programs. We should adhere to the goal orientation, promote system integration, coordination and efficiency of reform, firmly grasp the main line of system construction, embody pertinence, operability and effectiveness, unify the implementation of the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the fulfillment of practical needs and the expectation of the grass-roots level, and unify the problem-solving, practical management and simplicity. We should adhere to the results orientation, focus on the key points and pay close attention to the actual results, carry out assessment and inspection of the progress of reform in important areas, overcome formalism and bureaucracy, and focus on implementation in one area and one area.

Members of the Central Committee for the comprehensive deepening of reform attended the meeting, and leaders of the Central Committee and relevant departments of state organs attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.