Why does the US groups application for 4 billion low interest anti epidemic loans cause a lot of abuse?

 Why does the US groups application for 4 billion low interest anti epidemic loans cause a lot of abuse?

It seems that ordinary news has made netizens get to the itch nest. There is a lot of discussion on the Internet, and the query is directed at these large enterprises applying for special loans. Meituan is the first to bear the brunt. After careful consideration, I was quite moved.

The cruel reality is that small and medium-sized enterprises are generally difficult to get a share. No matter how low the loan interest is, it will be repaid when it is due. By contrast, small and medium-sized enterprises are weak in anti risk ability, and they are likely to form bad debts if they dont pay back when they are due. Of course, banks should choose large enterprises with small risk to lend. With the same interest, why should banks give money to the riskier ones? So over the years, it is still difficult to get rid of the crux of how to help small and medium-sized enterprises to raise funds despite the high-level emphasis. In a word, banks have non-performing assets assessment indicators, and high-risk enterprises do not meet the banks lending orientation.

In the past, it was criticized that bank loans flowed to state-owned enterprises. Now, the private enterprise giants take the big head again, and the remaining three melons and two dates are sent to small and medium-sized enterprises. Finally, a big banner of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises is displayed. In fact, it is the big crocodiles hiding under their banner to share delicious food.

Scolding meituan and Xiaomi is the emotional expression of the group who cant see the soup. Its a big one, and there are special reasons for the details.

The meituan led by Wang Xing, like Jingdong, Ali and other giants, has common financial services in addition to its distinctive main business. With the help of a large group of merchants, meituan launched a loan financing business for merchants and set foot in the financial field.

The picture we can imagine is that meituan takes the low interest loan under the policy and welfare, and issues the high interest loan to the merchants in its commercial network (well-documented is the daily interest rate of five thousand five, with an annual rate of 18%). Logically, this income is a bit of a national disaster. Some may say that the 4 billion is not directly used to lend to merchants. Water in a big pool, different outlets.

In addition, the reason for the loan was criticized. Meituan said it was used to provide financial support for free meal delivery for front-line medical staff in Wuhan. This reason is quite interesting. I feel that its related to the epidemic mechanically. It seems to be related. After careful consideration, I found that the logic is absurd. The public question is, do the medical staff need your free meal? How big is the free list you can offer? Whats the standard for free amount of each order? Why does the consideration of free delivery cost correspond to 4 billion instead of 3 billion or 2 billion?

If you are free, its a loving act. You win the front and back. Everyone gives you a thumbs up. You win the reputation, the brand is plated with gold, and the competitiveness of customers is enhanced. This is a real return. As a result, when applying for preferential loans, people feel that they are trying to get back one by fighting the epidemic. Think about it carefully, how do you feel like cheating?! Moral hazard.

Some media reporters also checked the quarterly report of meituan, which showed that its cash flow was good and its debt ratio was not high, indicating that its loan was not urgent or necessary. This aggravates the doubt that the American League is taking advantage of the opportunity to obtain excess benefits. One of the readers put it mildly that although they didnt break the law, they fully showed the nature of the merchants mercenary. Its the same thing.

Its the business of meituan to apply for preferential loans, but its the business of the bank to approve or disapprove. No batch is better than batch, less batch is better than more batch. Under the public opinion, if the meituan can retreat with shame, it is also the beauty of being a man. (old vinegar / article)

Behind the dispute over Xiaomi meituans anti epidemic loan: experts call for the rescue of small and micro enterprises

Under the influence of the epidemic, many enterprises send out a distress signal to the outside world. At present, the special re loan issued by the central bank has become an important means of financial anti epidemic. However, recently, Internet technology companies such as meituan reviews, Xiaomi, 3600 and didi are seeking tens of millions to billions of yuan of anti epidemic special loans from local banks, which has aroused public controversy.

In the case of small and micro enterprises still facing the problem of returning to work, is it reasonable for Internet technology companies with sufficient cash reserves to seize financial resources?

Many analysts, including Liu Junhai, a professor of Law School of Renmin University of China, pointed out to time finance that the loan from local banks to large Internet technology companies was due to the consideration of avoiding financial risks, but was not in line with the policy goal of special anti epidemic loan. In addition, large Internet companies are not short of their own funds, nor should they squeeze financial resources. Instead, they should actively assume social responsibility and do better for small and medium-sized micro enterprises.