Grand opening of Lancome new year Garden Fair Shanghai Station

 Grand opening of Lancome new year Garden Fair Shanghai Station

Lancome sincerely invites Zhou Dongyu, Yuan Shanshan, Wang Ziyi and Wang Qiang to step into this place full of happiness and joy, looking for a lively new year and sharing a good time in the new year.

Lancome new year garden party Shanghai Station

Lancome New Years Garden Fair opened in Shanghai New World Department Store! The ingenious combination of Chinese New Year custom and modern creativity, lively and interesting garden tour interaction, and thoughtful and generous gift of New Year bring you a lively and extraordinary gathering time and present the best wishes for the new year.

Lancome New Years garden party is full of lanterns. The central ring screen plays every good wish and offers the warmest wishes to every visitor. Visitors can leave their wishes through the electronic interactive screen, which will then be displayed on the central ring screen. Visitors can stop for a moment and take photos.

Step forward across the central ring screen, immersed in a number of scattered lanterns, in a happy atmosphere to take a picture of reunion, warmth quietly blooming in joy.

Renew a new face

There are many popular star products of Lancome on the exquisite limousine, which make up with sex. At the same time, you can also choose the attractive Star gift box to enjoy the best value.

Enjoy the new ceremony

Play the interactive game of fortune falling from the sky, click the blessing bag below to collect the fortune falling from the sky. If you succeed in the challenge, you can participate in the lucky draw of the happiness wheel and win the gift of new year - paper cutting, rose transportation, sugar painting or happiness sugar gourd, which makes every moment of the festival full of warmth and mind.

Renew a new face

New art

New lights

Play new ideas

Fu, a symbol of fortune, is embellished on the wall, a symbol of golden mouse visiting quietly from the window in 2020, and the greeting of Spring Festival comes with luck. Visitors can select their favorite Fu characters through the touch screen, immerse themselves in the classic copying art, and print the exclusive Fu characters on the spot immediately to bring Fu Yun home with this unique gift of heart!

New year, just red! Lancomes second generation of little black bottle leads the little black bottle family. In the new year, the whole line turns red and the new years limited edition is presented! Red luck comes, shining in a limited manner, condensing the super repairing power, from the skin micro ecology to the muscle bottom double care, reappearing the delicate and good skin quality, wish you realize the new years wish for beautiful skin.

Beautiful life, Lancome always accompany. Source: Netease fashion editor: Pan Jingxian, nq0184

Beautiful life, Lancome always accompany.