Casual in the first half and Chen in the second half: Wei Ying, at least you have LAN Zhan

 Casual in the first half and Chen in the second half: Wei Ying, at least you have LAN Zhan


There is not so much if, Jiang Fengmian regards Wei Ying as his own son. Only Wei Ying knows what to do best. Although Mrs. Yu has been looking for something to punish Wei Ying for three days, he still has the best senior sister in the world and Jiang Cheng, who has sent away his beloved dog. Wei Ying is not short of love, and he grew up in such a warm family. Even if his sword is called casual, Jiang Fengmian has no opinion. In addition, we should speak for Wei Ying in front of others, baby, always like this.. Well, Im spoiled.


However, there are always some things that force you to grow up overnight. LAN Zhan is like this. Yunshen is burned, his relatives are injured and missing. Wei Ying is more like this. Wen Chao and their blood wash lotus dock. Madame Yu and Jiang Feng died miserably, and Jiang Cheng was transformed into a golden elixir. Wei Ying also needs to take the sick elder martial sister with him. Fortunately, he has the help of warm and peaceful. He himself cut out the gold pill and gave it to Jiang Cheng, and was immediately thrown down by Wen Chao. Theres no time to think about it. Life changes come one after another. You really think its still a teenager. No, its not.


Wei Ying has no golden elixir, and his spiritual power is greatly reduced. Even if the statement can drive the puppet, but really this way is more damaging to the body and mind.. But what else can Wei Ying do? Shouldnt you avenge Madame Jiang Fengs sleeping Yu? Is it possible for Wen family to use Yin iron to kill four families? Wei Ying said that we should eliminate traitors and support the weak all our lives. But Wei Ying cant say. It cant be said that his golden elixir has given Jiang Cheng; it cant be said that he can only change his ways to walk out of the mass grave. He wanted to be Chen Qing, but there was nowhere to be Chen. LAN Zhan is in a hurry, but there is nothing he can do.


LAN Zhan wants to help Wei Ying clear his mind and concentrate through the piano sound, but people covet the Yin Hufu on his hand even more. Wei Ying and LAN Zhan are on the strange road of poverty. Im afraid things are different here. This is what Wei Ying must do. Which is right, which is evil, which is black and which is white? LAN Zhan knows, but he is very contradictory. In such hesitation, Wei Ying clashed with the families all night long. Elder martial sister in order to protect envious death, Wei Ying destroys the Yin Hufu and prepares to jump off the cliff. LAN Zhan rushes forward, and Wei Ying knows that Lan Zhan cares about himself. Jiang Chengs sword stab deviates. Wei Ying doesnt want LAN Zhan to be hurt


Sixteen years later, LAN Zhan really took Wei Ying back to Yunshen and hid him. (Wen / piaoyutong) Lan Zhan now knows that as long as Wei Ying comes back, he will stand with him no matter what. Even against the whole world. Do you believe me? Wei asked? LAN Zhan returns: I believe you. He not only believed, but also willingly accompanied Wei Ying to the dark with a single wooden bridge. This feeling is not bad. Where Wei Ying goes, LAN Zhan follows him. And it must be less than three feet behind him. Anyway, Wei Ying still has LAN Zhan at least.