How to stabilize blood pressure in patients with hypertension in special period

 How to stabilize blood pressure in patients with hypertension in special period

The medicine is gone. Can I stop it for a while?

There is a risk of discontinuation. Nowadays, most patients with hypertension take long-acting drugs once a day. For patients with stable blood pressure control, the drug should be stopped once. Due to the long half-life of the drug, the blood pressure may not rise suddenly the next day or even the third day. However, when more than three half-lives and the drug concentration is not enough to control blood pressure, most patients blood pressure will rise significantly. At this time, if we resume taking drugs and reach a stable blood drug concentration to control blood pressure, we may experience three half-lives. In this way, if the drug is stopped for 3 days, the blood pressure will be unstable for nearly a week. On the one hand, patients may suffer from dizziness, headache and other symptoms due to the rise of blood pressure. On the other hand, hypertension may increase the risk of cardiovascular events, and lead to serious consequences such as angina pectoris and cerebrovascular disease. Therefore, drug discontinuation is not allowed.

How does blood pressure unsteady do?

What needs to go to the hospital?

In special period, we must go to hospital. How to protect?

If you have to go to the hospital, do a good job in personal protection, wear a mask, preferably gloves, and reduce touch. In order to minimize the time in the hospital, it is best to avoid peak hours. In order to solve the problem of drug prescribing, the relevant departments have extended the time of drug prescribing. If the blood pressure is stable for a long time, they can prescribe drugs for a longer time at a time. The doctors should be informed clearly about the current drug taking and blood pressure situation. Its better to carry the prescription, take the blood pressure diary of the drug to complete the diagnosis and treatment process as soon as possible. Its better not to measure the blood pressure in the consulting room, on the one hand, The blood pressure in the clinic itself will be on the high side. In addition, wearing strippers will increase the risk of exposure. After going home, wash hands and face fully according to the seven step washing method, and put clothes in a ventilated place for drying. Wang Lu, editor of Liu Xu, editor of Beijing News, proofread by Wei Zhuo, source: responsible editor of Beijing News, Zhao Changhong, Yu nh9422

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