How to protect mobile phone health in epidemic situation? Doctors advice

 How to protect mobile phone health in epidemic situation? Doctors advice

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The self sealing bag has the characteristics of high transparency, strong airtightness and tight edge sealing. The mobile phone can also touch and scan the two-dimensional code. The length and width of Li Yijins mobile phone body is 15.7cm * 7.51cm, and the transparent self sealing bag purchased online is 12 * 17cm (size 6), which is just right for use. The average price of each transparent self sealing bag is less than 0.1 yuan. Select a suitable self sealing bag according to the size of the mobile phone. In particular, it is recommended for medical staff to use mobile phones in clinical work, so as to better protect medical workers.

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In daily life, 84 disinfectant and 75% alcohol are more commonly used. Compared with 84 disinfectant, 75% alcohol is milder, non corrosive and volatile. It is also commonly used in medical disinfection. Therefore, 75% alcohol is more suitable for mobile phone disinfection. Dip the tampon in a little 75% alcohol, wipe the surface of the mobile phone, leave it for 5 minutes, and wait for the alcohol on the surface of the mobile phone to evaporate.

At the same time, the doctor also reminded that attention should be paid to avoid the alcohol flowing into the speaker, earpiece and other interfaces, resulting in the hardware water barrier. Similarly, during the whole disinfection process, pay attention to avoid alcohol leakage and keep away from open fire. Smoking personnel should keep away from alcohol and be alert to fire.

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