Have you done the right thing against the new crown pneumonia?

 Have you done the right thing against the new crown pneumonia?

The common chlorine disinfectants in life include 84 disinfectant, bleaching powder, chlorine effervescent tablets, etc., which can be used for disinfection of tables, chairs, beds, floors, etc. However, there are still some misunderstandings in reality, which the public needs to pay attention to.

1. Can ingredients contain chlorine to kill the virus?

Either the product name contains the word chlorine or the disinfectant containing chlorine. For example, chlorhexidine, chloroxylenol and p-chloro-m-xylenol (such as Dido and willoughs) can not kill the virus.

Do not directly use the original solution for disinfection. The 84 disinfectant sold on the market has a concentration of 5% - 10%, which requires a large amount of dilution. How to configure it?

Put on the rubber gloves, pour 1 bottle cap (10 ml) of 84 disinfectant into the washbasin, then add 1000 ml water (2 bottles of 500 ml mineral water empty bottles filled with water), and mix evenly to use.

3. Can chlorine containing disinfectant and toilet cleanser be mixed?

In addition, the public should pay attention to the following points: when purchasing chlorine containing disinfectant, it should be kept in a dark and ventilated place; if the disinfectant is inadvertently sprayed into the eyes, it should be washed with a large amount of water immediately; the disinfectant is irritant, so indoor ventilation should be done well in the process of disinfection.

Do not spray alcohol in confined space

75% alcohol can penetrate into the surface protein of the virus before denaturation, dehydrate, denature and coagulate all the proteins, and finally kill the virus.

75% alcohol or alcohol cotton tablet can be directly wiped for disinfection of hand or mobile phone, remote control, keyboard, steering wheel, key and other small items. But alcohol is a flammable substance. Alcohol spray disinfection should be kept away from fire sources, while avoiding spraying in confined space.

The higher the alcohol concentration, the better. Too high concentration of alcohol will quickly lead to denaturation of virus surface protein, hinder the further penetration of alcohol, but reduce the disinfection effect. If you have only 95% alcohol at home, dilute it with purified or distilled water. For example, add 133.33 ml pure water or distilled water to 500 ml to make 75% alcohol.

Finally, it should be reminded that individuals and families should store disinfectants and alcohol away from heat sources, power sources and places easily accessible to children. Although the new coronavirus is terrible, as long as we do the right disinfection, we will surely provide better protection for ourselves and our families.