Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee: to ensure that the number of all patients who are not admitted at home is zero

 Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee: to ensure that the number of all patients who are not admitted at home is zero

Jiang Chaoliangs supervision of epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan emphasizes to ensure that the number of untreated patients is zero

In February 9th, Jiang Chaoliang, the head of the Hubei provincial Party committee and the head of the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters in Wuhan, supervised epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan, and stressed the importance of resolutely implementing the spirit of general secretarys important speech and important instructions, further enhancing the political standing and increasing the intensity of work. Ensure that all receivables are collected and all visits are made.

In the prevention and control headquarters of Wuhan City, Jiang Chaoliang connected the prevention and control headquarters of all districts of the city one by one to learn about the progress of the treatment of all kinds of patients in each district, to dispatch and promote the treatment work on site, and to require that all the confirmed and suspected severe patients who have not been treated be treated on the same day, so as to ensure that no one is missed. Successively went to Qiaokou District and Hanyang District prevention and control headquarters to check the patient screening, bed collection, treatment progress, etc., and required to further increase the intensity of scheduling and collection of all kinds of hospitals and centralized isolation places, and make every effort to raise beds, so as to achieve full collection of receivables without delay.

1u3001 Anchor the goal of zero clearing to achieve the full collection of receivables. Accurately grasp and dynamically update the data of the number of patients, the number of beds in the hospital and the number of patients admitted in the shelter hospital, refine and improve the measures in a targeted way, try to improve the efficiency of admission as much as possible, ensure that all confirmed patients and suspected patients are admitted in a centralized way, and ensure that the number of patients who are not admitted at home is cleared.

2u3001 Further improve the efficiency of command and dispatching. To implement the requirements of wartime state work, strengthen the guidance, support and overall planning of municipal headquarters to each district, help solve the difficulties in the process of centralized treatment, and ensure the demand for ambulances and medical protective materials in each district; each district should further give play to its initiative and enthusiasm, and resolutely win the collection by means of reconstruction and expansion of community hospitals, collection of private medical institutions, etc The war of annihilation was carried out in China.

3u3001 Do a good job in comprehensive investigation and suspected detection. Strengthen the four responsibilities of the territory, departments, units and individuals, promote the government officials to sink into the streets and communities, enrich the grass-roots investigation and treatment forces; strengthen the use of data, make good use of the comprehensive investigation results, firmly control the source of infection, and make every effort to reduce the new infection rate.

4u3001 Ensure that the centralized isolation point is safe and orderly. The private hospitals, shelter hospitals and various isolation points collected shall be equipped with medical teams, protective materials, medical materials, and living materials to meet the basic living needs of medical staff and patients, and ensure food and nutrition, room warmth, and clean environment; the party organization shall be set at the centralized separation point, and Party members and cadres shall rush forward to do a good job in patient care and psychological guidance.

5u3001 We will further strengthen the dispatch and supply of all kinds of medical materials. We will fully meet the needs of N95 masks, protective clothing, respirators, hydraulic pumps, negative pressure vehicles and ambulances.

Ma Guoqiang and Yang Yunyan participated in relevant activities.