Investigation of Inner Mongolia epidemic situation and capture of fugitives who have absconded for 20 years

 Investigation of Inner Mongolia epidemic situation and capture of fugitives who have absconded for 20 years

It is reported that in this nationwide outbreak prevention and control interdiction war, the Public Security Bureau of azuo banner of Alxa League established a grid network of prevention and control through the linkage of epidemic investigation and police situation, and jointly carried out a comprehensive investigation of no dead corner, no blind area and no one person, and made efforts to implement various prevention and control measures. On February 6, 2020, when the Xinhua Street police station of azoqi Public Security Bureau was carrying out the work of epidemic prevention and control, it successfully captured a suspect who was on the Internet of Henan nationality in the case of escaping.

At present, the pace of fighting crime has never stopped. On the afternoon of February 5, when the police at the police station and the community staff were carrying out the epidemic situation mapping work, they received a notice from the community staff: a man from a field in Nantian community refused to provide identity information. The police of the inspection team rushed to their residence immediately, and the man claimed that his ID card was lost. Police immediately checked the mans identity information and confirmed his surname Hu. Through big data verification, they found that the man was suspected of illegal crimes 20 years ago. At 16:00 on February 6, after careful deployment, it was decisively captured successfully.

After contacting Henan police, Hu Mou, the suspect, killed three of his neighbors on November 16, 2000 due to a dispute over the homestead with his brother. After the crime, the brothers fled separately. However, the law network is extensive and lax, and Hu cannot escape the sanction of the law after all.

(function() {(window. Slotbydup = window. Slotbydup| []). Push ({ID: u5811557, container: ssp_, async: true});}) ()); at present, Hu is in custody in Azuoqi detention center. Source: editor in charge of peoples network: Lin Qihui ufe63 nb13068

At present, Hu is in custody at azoqi detention center.