Wang Meng: in the fight against the epidemic, everyone goes to eat hot and dry noodles after sticking to the epidemic situation

 Wang Meng: in the fight against the epidemic, everyone goes to eat hot and dry noodles after sticking to the epidemic situation

Wang Shuang trains on the rooftop

Wang Shuang, a Wuhan born female soccer player, not only donated 600000 yuan to fight against the epidemic, but also went to practice on her own roof wearing a mask. Li Na, who once represented Chinas tennis world, is also a Wuhan native. She donated 3 million yuan to support her hometown in overcoming difficulties. Wang Dalei sent materials to Shandong medical staff who went to Huanggang for support. The consignee was Yang Xue, a Luneng fan. After receiving the materials, Yang Xue and his colleagues, all armed, hold a sign that says, Im in Huanggang to cheer Luneng on..

Wang Dalei donates materials to Huanggang front line as far as Dubai winter training

Some people say that Wang Shuang is supporting his hometown with his annual salary. In fact, there is an unyielding momentum in the sportsmens bones. No matter who is in the sports circle, they are obsessed with the virus that cannot be recognized by the naked eye. Its a game that cannot be won. We cant predict how long this war epidemic will last and how it will end, but the only certainty is the determination of the whole country.

Wang Meng makes a summary for the team members

Although Chinese sportsmen cant get on the front line of anti epidemic, as Wang Meng, head of the coach team of the national team of short track speed skating and speed skating, said, at this time of anti epidemic, every post is sticking to it in its own way, we are sticking to it with the spirit of struggle and the will of never say die.. In the past, we went to Wuhan to eat hot and dry noodles.

Ren Ziwei cooperates with his teammates, accelerates suddenly at the beginning of the game, keeps leading the way and wins the championship

Wang Meng spoke from Dresden, Germany, thousands of miles away, where she is playing with the team in the fifth leg of the 2019-20 Short Track Speed Skating World Cup. On the night of August 8, there was a flash of red on the field, which was the figure of Ren Ziwei, a Chinese player. In the mens 1500 meter field, he and his teammate an Kai won the first gold medal of the Chinese short track team in this race through the brilliant rabbit tactics.

Ren Ziwei makes a gesture to eat hot and dry noodles before coming on the stage

The perfect cooperation between the two Chinese lads won the gold medal for the Chinese team, which is particularly special in the national fight against the epidemic. Before the show, Ren Ziwei also compared a gesture of eating hot and dry noodles to the camera, cheering for Wuhan, full of sincerity. After winning the title, Ren Ziwei published a microblog saying:

Fight for Wuhan, fight for China. Short track refueling, Wuhan refueling, China refueling! Pay homage to all front-line workers, medical workers are my driving force. I will stick to my post and cheer for you in my way. At the end of the epidemic, we went to Wuhan to see cherry blossom and eat hot and dry noodles.

Chinese double skater Sui Wenjing / Han Cong

Looking back to Asia, at the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Seoul, South Korea, Sui Wenjing / Han Cong, the green barrel group, came back to the top through the perfect performance in the 8-day free skating, and won the champion of the four continents for the 6th time. Behind them is another pair of Chinese team Peng Cheng / Jin Yang. The Chinese Huahua skating team successfully won gold and silver medals in the double event.

Onion barrel combination scene shout wheat. Network video screenshot

After defending the double skating champion, they took over the microphone in an interview on the spot and invited the whole audience to shout shout wheat and come on China!! Come on, Wuhan! Zhao Hongbo, Chinas figure skating coach, also said excitedly that at a time when the country is in danger, Chinas figure skating team is twisting into a rope, caring for the motherland, fighting bravely, showing their skills at a time of danger and winning the second place in the championship. Thanks for the strong support of the motherland, proud of the motherland.

The Chinese womens basketball team has a good record and high morale in recent years

The Chinese womens basketball team, which has locked tickets for the Olympic Games in advance, has attracted great attention recently. Before the first match of Britains victory reversal, Huang Jing, the teams psychologist, made a saying that has become a golden sentence circulating on the Internet:

When one needs to stand up, its called bravery; when a team needs to stand up, its called responsibility; when a country is in adversity and calls for a spirit, its mission, its faith, its indomitable!

Chinese womens basketball team holds the ticket display board of Tokyo Olympic Games and cheers for Wuhan

The sportsmen who are responsible for the task of competition strive to bring the victory home. Of course, this is not the only option to support the epidemic prevention and control. For example, Xie Wenjun, who picked silver in the mens 60m hurdle of milrose indoor track and field competition in the United States on the 9th morning, bought 1500 masks in New York during the training interval. He said that he would send them to Wuhan when New York came back after the weekend competition.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the original plan to open the rest of the season after the CBA League, has postponed the game plan. At present, it is reported that CBA restart time will not be earlier than April 1. On the 8th, the Lantern Festival coincided with the special moment of war epidemic of the whole people. The official of CBA League gave the fans the blessing of Lantern Festival, writing:

Wuhan war epidemic, this one, we must take it! The CBA League pays homage to all the workers who stick to the front line of anti epidemic war through the Lantern Festival! Only when we work together to fight and prevent the epidemic can we have more reunions. Come on, Wuhan, China!

In addition to cheering up, CBA announced on January 29 that the first 3 million yuan of donation has been donated to China Charity Federation for the purchase of medical protection materials in Hubei Province, support of major hospitals fighting the epidemic and condolences to front-line medical staff. At the same time, the CBA alliance also said in a statement that it has continued to donate money and materials according to needs, together with various clubs, to cheer for medical workers in Hubei and in the front line of fighting against the epidemic.

On the same day, the national ping-pong generals, who had been training in Doha, Qatar, delivered working meals and Lantern Festival to the medical staff of Wuhan Hanyang hospital and other three hospitals for the treatment of new pneumonia epidemic. In addition, Guoping also wrote in an open letter accompanying the meal delivery:

Today is the Lantern Festival. We are training overseas for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. We miss our families at home and remember you who are fighting day and night on the front line of the epidemic. In this severe battle, you are fearless and retrograde. You are the hero in all of us! What I can do for you at this moment is insignificant. I will send you hot meals and dumplings. Please eat well and take good care of yourself. The heart of Guoping is always with you! Anti epidemic and Tokyo Olympic Games two battlefields we must win!

Many national table tennis coaches and players, including Liu Guoliang, President of China Table Tennis Association, Qin Zhijian, Li Ying, team leaders of mens and womens teams, Liu Shiwen, world champion, Ding Ning, Olympic champion, signed this open letter. In addition, Liu Guoliang, President of China Table Tennis Association, called ITTF to jointly launch a call to 226 ITTF member associations to support Wuhan and cheer for China. At the same time, China Table Tennis Association also asked all associations to assist in the search for masks, goggles, protective clothing and other resources, which will be purchased by China Table Tennis Association.

After the release of the joint statement, the American table tennis association responded in the first time, looking for medical supplies all over the United States. Up to now, 264 boxes of disinfectant wipes have been purchased through various channels. After purchasing resources, the American table tennis association said that these medical materials should be presented free of charge, hoping to provide support to those in need at the front line of Wuhan epidemic. The table tennis associations of the two countries have now docked, and the 264 boxes of sterilized wipes purchased have been transported to Wuhan as soon as possible, and delivered to the first-line hospitals that have put forward demands for use.

The center of epidemic prevention and control is not only Wuhan and Hubei, but also covers many fields, in addition to the medical personnel who fight day and night on the front line. It is believed that not only the sports circle, but also all walks of life are cheering for China in their own way and contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic. As the number of healers continues to rise, the dawn of reversing the competition emerges. When the war epidemic is at the final whistle, the winner can only be China, and it will certainly be China.

Come on, Wuhan! Go China! (end)

Source: China editor in charge: Zhao Ruiqi, nb12596